Wednesday, 10 April 2019

REVIEW: Zoella Brunch Date

Yes.. I caved! And I will happily hold my hands up and say how excited I was to see that Zoe had brought out a brand new make up range with Colour pop! And I know I'm super late in getting this post up, but I've been taking the time to really test the palette and try out new looks with it before I post my thoughts. 

As much as I love the Zoella skincare ranges, I was so excited to see Zoe bring out Make up as I'm definitely more into my make up rather than skincare - especially when it's a collab with Colourpop! I actually brought the Brunch Date palette the moment it launched and I especially like how prepared both sides were to ensure that nothing sold out straight away which is what I expected. 

For £18, the palette is a firm favourite on my dressing table already as the shadows themselves are wonderfully pigmented. I particularly go for neutral and warm tones in any make up products I use for the most part so this was perfect for me - even the blue is so useable just to add a pop of colour. 

The shadows themselves as I said are amazing in terms of pigment - the shimmers especially are so intense! The mattes too are so easy to blend so you really can do any type of look with the Brunch Date palette; smokey eye, spotlight, halo.. it's so lightweight too so it's perfect for if you're travelling or chucking in your handbag. For me personally it's multiuse with Americano being perfectly ashy for my brows too and each of the shades make for an intense eyeliner across the lash lines using a damp liner brush - so it really is great for an all rounder. 

My only thing missing from the palette for me personally is a really dark shade that is matte, there is Americano as a dark ashy tone along with French Toast, a deep burgundy shade but I would prefer Extra Slice with no shimmer to create a really deep smokey eye or depth to a halo eye. As much as some people have disliked it, I would keep the Brunch Club blue shade to add pops of colour. It was also concerning to see so many people receive the palette damaged but I was lucky and was able to use mine the minute it arrived. 

I've created a couple of looks over on my MUA Instagram (sarahjackmua) for more looks, but below are a couple of close ups of the palette and a simple every day look which I've been loving! 

(Image from Zoella Instagram) 

If you had anything from Zoe's range, tag me in photos so I can see your thoughts for if I need to add anything to my collection! 


Sunday, 17 February 2019

Sale Purchase Favourites

Mainly for the fact I have a million birthday's in January, I LOVE a good sale! And this year I seem to have got some amazing bargains -more so than I think every before. This year there seemed to be a lot of stuff left in the sale for longer and new stuff later on too. Maybe it's because last year I was living in hell working 20387948 hours a week but this year I've really enjoyed shopping a bit more. 

I need to chuck a disclaimer out there that you can clearly see I have 2 current obsessions: 1) Black skirts, particularly leather! and 2) Dianne Buswell. I picked up a lot of sale bargains so these are just a few of my favourites.

But first for the skirts... 
I picked up the first skirt from Peacocks for just £3. It's a cute little button up skirt which is perfect for work. I also picked up 2 new leather skirts. A PVC Style skirt for just £7.50 from Debenhams which I LOVE (as it makes me feel like I'm in the dominatrix) along with a simple plain "leather" skirt for £4, again from Peacocks. Especially now I'm finally losing some chub, I'm really enjoying wearing short skirts with tights and boots again! 

Sticking with the black theme, I saw this gorgeous Principles sequin dress in the clearance in Debenhams for £16.50 down from a ridiculous amount and I fell in love - I have no idea when I'll wear a dress this nice but I couldn't not pick it up.

So my main issue through Winter was that I only had 1 coat and it was an Army Green colour  - the colour of which does not go when you have turquoise hair. So I went on the hunt for a couple of new coats.. with a little help from Strictly/JOANNE's Dianne Buswell. I saw an account on Instagram that basically posted photos of her clothes and wear to get them and I fell head over heels for 3 coats that there posted. 

The first was this fur-lined Denim Jacket that was down to £45. This was my favourite and I went into SO MANY Topshops trying to find it as it was OOS online and I pretty much gave up and ordered another coat from the same Instagram. A few days after it actually got restocked on the Topshop website - oh well, I could probably do with 2 coats. ;) 

The coat I ordered first was a Chevron teddy coat from Urban Outfitters which was reduced to £50. This was definitely still a new favourite piece of clothing and I've ended up wearing both just as much as eachother and can safely say this has made me feel cooler than I am thinking I'm looking like Dianne Buswell (one can only wish). 

Primark had a cute little sale section for accessories where I picked up some hair grips and clips and again, trying to be cooler than I probably am, some funky coloured hair scrunchies. 

The last few weeks I've really tried to change up my style slightly and be a bit more "down with it" and be braver with what I wear and how I look and my new glasses were a massive part of this. They weren't in a sale but Specsavers had an offer on and I love them that much I couldn't not post about them. They're super different and really funky, much more out there than my regular glasses. 

I picked up quite a few bits from Boots and Debenhams in the sale but my 2 favourite bargains were the Benefit Crackers which were just £9 each for 4 products and the Kat Von D Fetish Pallet. Both from Debenhams and the crackers are still available now. 

I picked up a fair few bits that I've not included but these are my absolute favourite purchases over the last 6-8 weeks or so and it's given me a good chance to save some pennies as I've purchased presents that I can use throughout the year. 

What did you get in the sales this year? Tweet me with your biggest bargains! 

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Get The Glow: With Revolution

Anyone who knows me knows I am aaaaaaall about that matte finish.. all about the matte, 'bout the matte! Matte everything - and I aways have been! I've never event attempted a dewy look as it's not a look I thought I liked on myself.. HOWEVER.. lately, I've been persuaded by "the glow" after admiring my girl, Meg's, make up at work as well as trying to change up my make up since my skin has dried a little in the cold weather. I've recently been using a dewy finish primer under my foundation to start off with, little steps and all that. But I've been looking at purchasing the Revolution "Glow Revolution Prime Set And Glow" sprays for a while and to beat the January blues, I decided to treat myself. 

The sprays are incredible - they're so easy to use, light way and not too over the top which was my biggest worry. They have a lovely "shimmer" to them which close up does look a little like glitter, but in a casual glance, the glow is stunning. I didn't know if I'd end up using the Bronze shade however with fake tan on it's the perfect finish to a tanned look and this will be a go-to in the Summer. 

I can safely say, after over a week, I haven't gone a day without using the Prime Set Glows and finishing with a dewy look.

While purchasing the Prime Set Glow sprays, I also purchased the Jelly Highlighters while they were just £3 too. I picked up the Gold and Rose Gold. My first impression was a little disappointment as they didn't look as "fun" as the Instagram videos where it was like a proper jelly as it's quite solid. You can turn it upside down and it doesn't move and it takes a little work to get the product on your finger when you dip it in - but holy mother of god, when you get it, YOU GET IT! 

The pay off from the product on your skin is insane - I've used it a number of times before my foundation to give my look an extra boost, the colours too are so pigmented and you can really tell the difference between the gold and rose gold. 

Even for the normal Price of £6, these really are worth it, even if you're expecting it to be your Instagram jelly-porn come true! 

(wearing the Rose Gold with no other make upu)

So it's safe to say I've been liiiiiving for the Glow lately, it's made my whole look so different and has really made it look so much better since it's gone a little dry due to the cold. So I'd definitely say give these BEAUTIES a go if you're a dewy-holic. 

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Thursday, 10 January 2019

Favourite Places to Eat and Drink in Leicester

I can't believe we've been in Leicester a year next month - it's absolutely flown by! But sorting out and organising the photos on my phone a couple of weeks ago made me realise that we've been to some fab places in town since we moved so I thought I'd share a few of my favourites - this time of year is a bit naff isn't it really? So hopefully these give you some inspiration for a date day or a date night, whether it's for cocktails or coffees, pizzas or burgers.. here's where we've loved visiting in the last year...

1) One of my FAVOURITE places since moving to Leicester and it's literally a couple of hundred yards from where we live in Wigston; The Tap and Barrell. A fab little Gin and Ale bar on Wigston High Street - selling a huge variety of ales and ciders, and certainly enough Gin to keep me going, there's something for everyone. Rob and Lou, the owners, are some of the nicest people you could ever meet and they absolutely make the Tap and Barrell the place it is. Definitely our go-to place if we don't want to go into town.

2) Rutland and Derby in town has the most fabulous outdoor area for the Summer. With a gorgeous Sun Terrace and plenty of seating, this was a firm favourite in the Summer 2018 if we were in town. They do lovely food including home made pizzas which are to die for. I already can't wait for Summer this year just so we can sit with a cider in the sun.

3) One of the first blogger events I got invited to in Leicester was the launch of Spirit Bar - a funky cocktail bar in the heart of town. They do THE BEST Pornstar Martinis and the setting is right up my Forensic-Anthropologist-wannabe street. With comfy sofas, funky music, outdoor seating - and great cocktails, it's a must for any bar crawl whether it's during the day or evening. They also do various cocktail hour offers too throughout the week.

4) If you're just out for a spot of lunch or need a break from shopping, visit my favourite hiding place; St Martin's Coffee Roasters in St Martin's Square. They do THE best Mochas, coffees and cake selection.

5) Sticking with the St Martin's Square area, if you fancy a niiiiice, and I mean niiiiice, Gin, Burleigh's Gin Bar is a must. It's a little pricier than a bogstandard Gin Bar, but this ain't no normal Gin Bar. Burleigh's do an incredible range of their own Gins and the bar is incredible with a fantastic, welcoming feel to it. If you like the Gin that much, you can also treat yourself to your own bottle of their own tipples. I love supporting local businesses that aren't a chain and this is definitely one of my favourites since moving to Leicester.

6) The last one for St Martin's Square is Bodega. Bodega is a fab little Mexican style restaurant which has a great menu with something for everyone. They do a mix and match selection deal type thing which is great for me and Nick as we like sharing smaller dishes if we get a few of them. The home made nachos are legit the best Nachos I've EVER had! They're actually amazing and I've been in just for the nachos alone before. They do a great mix of cocktails too!

7) One for January is Turtle Bay. It's a chain so you can probably find them anywhere but they do some fab food and drinks offers which is great for anyone like me who has no money left from Christmas! It's somewhere where I've only ever been for 2-4-1 cocktails and I've never eaten here until late last year. They do drinks offers but they also do food offers too which are on at all times, eg; 3 dishes for £12, 5 for £25 etc. Both larger dishes and side dishes too. I've never been a fish eater but the Crispy Squid is amaaaazing! I mean, obviously it needs to be washed down with BOGOF cocktails too ;)

8) The Yews is outside of Leicester town Centre but if you drive, visiting Oadby is a must for a nice meal. It's part of Greene King and it's been one of our favourite non-town restaurants since moving to Leicester and again, for January it's ideal with it's 3 courses for £19! It's a big menu too so there's something for everyone and a nice date night treat without breaking the bank. The food is always great and it feels like an "expensive" atmosphere within the modern d├ęcor, for a relatively cheap meal.

9) Last but not least, and anyone who knows me and Nick, or has been reading my blog for a while, knows I couldn't write this post without adding in Brewdog! It's a classic for us and we never go anywhere without checking if it has a Brewdog. The Leicester one is fab as it has games consoles, pool tables and music. Again for January it's great as they do BOGOF Pizzas on a Tuesday and Student discount for anyone with a student card too. The Pizzas are home made and totally insane.. give me a King Of Pigs pizza any day! For anyone thinking it's all about the beer, they have a range of their own spirits too along side wines and soft drinks so there really is something for everyone.

Living in Leicester has been great the last year and it's definitely been made all the more fabulous with our favourite places to eat and drink. I'm sure 2019 will bring lots of visits to all of the above but be sure to let me know where else we need to try in 2019 so I can add to our list of favourites!

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Thursday, 3 January 2019

2018 Beauty Favourites

So the end of 2018 will obviously bring a number of "2018 favourite" posts and I'm starting off with the standard beauty/fashion favourite kinda post. 2018 was a great year for me in terms of trying new products, the launch of new products and really upping my make up game - as well as treating myself to plenty of new goodies that I'd never used before. 

Especially now being back in the make up game, and working alongside my gorgeous girl who is younger and more hip and up to date than me, she teaches me daily about new products, the products I need to try and also who half these big and famous Instagrammers are so I took some of her recommendations over the last 6 months.. 

1) Leopard Print Coat (Debenhams)
My "dress up" coat for Winter 2018 for when I was going to somewhere a little smarter and dressier or for a more special occasion. It's definitely a coat that I'll be wearing for the next few years. 
PS - It's now in the sale in stores! (sold out online). 
2) Tan Luxe The Body Self Tan Drops 
As I  write this post I'm trying not to lean my arms on the laptop keyboard so I don't make it oily! Hands down one of my new favourite ever fake tans. It's a gorgeous colour when mixed in with your body lotion and put on before bed. It always surprises me the next morning when I wake up how even it goes on. I managed to get this on the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sale but I think I'd definitely pay full price when it runs out. 

3) Wet n Wild Foundation 
My girl's main recommendation and must-buy from the BB BR sale! And I can absolutely see the hype - even though I brought 2 and neither are the perfect shade, either mixed together or with another foundation, they give an amazing, full coverage and last all day! For less than a tenner, you really cannot go wrong with my new foundation must have. 

4) Aldi Highlight and Sculpt - Charlotte Tilbury Dupe
Read my full blogpost reviewing the Aldi Make Up Here.

5) Black Dogtooth Coat (Primark)
I only purchased this November on the way to a funeral but I've worn it so much since! It's great as a smart coat (like for a funeral!) or even over jeans and trainers and big jumpers and it seems to be quite trendy this year due to it's long length. It was £30 but it's great material and again, it's a coat I know I'll be wearing for the next few years. 

6) Kat Von D Fetish Pallette 
Another late comer within the year but oh my DAYS, I never spend too much money on make up and this is certainly the most expensive product I own but it's incredible! The colours are insanely pigmented and blend beautifully. I didn't know how I'd get a lot of looks from it and thought I may end up just doing the same looks over and over again but I've worn it every time I've done my make up on a day off. 

7) NYX Professional Make Up Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation 
Cannot do a favourite without mentioning one of my own now, can I? And a bloody good foundation it will be. I don't want to sound over dramatic but it's genuinely been a life changer for myself with my oily skin and matte loving heart. I love everything about the 24-hour, matte finish foundation and I'm beyond excited for the launch of the new CSWS Concealer. I did a post using a full face of NYX Professional Make Up, including the foundation, here

8) Urban Decay All Nighter Concealer 
This was one that I was a little unsure about to start with, and every now and then I second guess it but the majority of the time I LOVE it. The only thing I'm not sure of is the slight extra effort it takes to blend as it's a thicker consistency than a regular concealer. But once blended it's INSANE. It's full coverage, brightening and doesn't budge. Definitely recommend! 

9) Directions Hair Colours
So I made this photo collage a couple of weeks ago when I'd planned to actually do the blogpost so I've fallen out with the hair colour I specifically used (turquoise) purely for the fact I can't bloody get it out! But when I first applied it and for the first month or so, the colour was bloody amazing and I've never had so many compliments on my hair in my entire life. I fell in love with my hair all over again for the first time in months, even with the bleach and the colour, it was so shiny and soft! I love the colour range that Directions do and they're so cheap too. But just be prepared to make the effort to remove it! (Totally worth it though!)

2018 was a BIG year for new products and trying new things, and I have a feeling that 2019 will be no different! If there's anything that I need to try out in 2019, be sure to Tweet me!

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Wednesday, 19 December 2018

REVIEW: Aldi Make Up

I'm a little late on the bandwagon I know - but I was meant to write this post when I took the photos nearly a month ago! You know me by now. 

I just HAD to give the Aldi Make Up a go when I saw that they'd launched their own line of make up - particularly when I saw the photos and saw they were based on (let's face it.. they are!) some of our favourite Make Up Products by our favourite, more high end, brands. There was a lot of talk around whether they were seriously clever for pulling this out the bag or downright out of order but yano what, if it works, and it definitely did, then I say they should go for it - and go for it they did! 

I've been trying out these for a while now, since the day they came out to be exact. Yes, I was that person who was fighting their way through Aldi to find the make up isle and I'm gonna start with the one single product I actually didn't really get on with. The Mascara. "Too Legit", which is a "dupe" for the Benefit They're Real Mascara (which I LOVE). The packaging is very similar with very similar writing - the product however, not so much! It was quite a thin texture and just didn't seem to build up without clumping and then when it did build up a half decent look, it was the BIIIIGGEST pain in the arse to try and get off. Warm water, Liz Earle cleanser, make up wipes you name it. It was a bloody nightmare to get off and I ended up just picking it off. Don't get me wrong, to make it fair I did try it a couple of times but it still didn't make me love it anymore. 

Now.. moving on to something a little more exciting!

The dupe for the "Sculpt Duo and Highlight" by the queen, Charlotte Tilbury. The packaging, like the original, is just beautiful and the highlight has the most incredible glow to it. I absolutely love the lighter shade of the duo and it's a gorgeous highlight for all areas of the face. The darker tone is slightly too light for contouring however it's perfect for when I've got fake tan on or I just want a darker eye look. It's super pigmented and easy to use too. Definitely probably my favourite out of the range. 

The Benefit "Hoola" brozner was the one I was most excited to try, the Aloha Bronzer to be exact. The bronzer is almost exactly the same in terms of packaging, the look, even the texture of the bristles on the brush. The colour of the bronzer however is quite a bit lighter - which for me is fine as I'm naturally a milk bottle or it's decent for a basic all over bronzer but it does come out slightly grey if you're going to contour with it. But as a general bronzer for fair skin, it's definitely worth a try. 

Last but not least is the "Nars Blusher" - I'm not too sure what shade it's meant to be based on as I feel like it's darker and more pink than Orgasm which is the most popular shade, but it's a lovely subtle shade of a salmon, peachy pink. It's got a really light shimmer to it too so it's a lovely product. I did read somewhere that you had to start to scratch the surface to start to get any pigment off (I have no idea why this is) but it was true. At first there was absolutely nothing from the product coming on to the brush or even my finger but once I'd scratched off the top layer we were off! 

Definitely a cute little blush in itself, whether it's similar to Nars or not, and it's great just to chuck in your hand bag as it's got the mirror on the inside too! 

I've not managed to find the full range in my local Aldi as it isn't the biggest store but I'm chuffed to have managed to try out what would probably be my favourite products anyway, and apart from the Mascara, I'm generally really impressed! For less than £6 each I think that you really can't go wrong and for those on a tighter budget, or maybe looking for little stocking fillers, I'd definitely get down to your local Aldi! 

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Tuesday, 27 November 2018

Beauty Bay Bragging Rights Haul!

2 blog posts in one week... who'd have thought! 

I was so bloody late on this one and I'm not the most "trendy" person when it comes to make up or being quick on the sales, but I did bag a few bargains in the Beauty Bay Bragging Rights sales and got some new goodies with 30-50% discount. I'll do a full blog post with reviews on the products I LOVE but in the mean time, this is what I treated myself too. 

Definitely excited to try this one to see if the magic really works and I'm sure if it does then it's something I'll be purchasing closer to the wedding. I've used Charcoal toothpastes before and they've been amazing but I've never used the powder. 

I've never been one to sleep brilliantly, but lately with so much going on I've barely slept at all and it's really starting to get me down so I thought while the Dream Team was on offer, I'd give it ago and get a small set to try before buying the full size products. I've used them once and they smell incredible and I'm pretty sure I passed out as soon as I closed my eyes. The set I got has sold out but the link is to a very similar set. 

Anyone who knows me know's I'll try any kinda fake tan and especially those on a sale! I saw the Tan Luxe oil half price and ordered it straight away. I've never used it before but it's the one product I've used a few times since ordering. It's different from those I've tried as you have to mix it with your body lotion but it goes on so evenly and leaves a lovely colour to the skin. My only issue with this is because the lotion sinks into your hands, I've had orange hands the last few days! Ooops. 

Believe it or not, and I'm probably the only MUA or anyone working in make up in the world, but this is my first EVER Jeffree Star product. I KNOW! It's taken me this long but I thought why not give one a go while they're on offer. I've worn it once so far and I can absolutely see the world wide obsession with them! 

Never heard of the brand before but I'm open to pretty much any brand when it comes to Glitter. There was only a couple of colours left in stock betime I got there but I picked what looked like a nice rose gold shade. I've tried it once and the colour is stunning and the pigment is incredible. Can't wait to use this properly. 

I've used these before in different colours and Revolution is one of my favourite brands so I thought I'd pick up a new "inner corner" colour ready for Christmas! 


My gal Meg has banged on about this foundation for as long as I've known her and she told me if I'm going to order anything I NEED to order the wet n wild foundation. I didn't really know which shade I was so I ordered a couple so I had a natural and a fake tan shade and could mix them if needed. I've used them for 2 days now and I can see why she loves them so much. Pretty sure they'll be in my November favs! 

This was the first time ordering on Beauty Bay and it's safe to say I felt untrendy and old with the mega hype around it but I can definitely see why the Bragging Rights sale was so popular - there was some incredible products on sale with some mega savings. I only did a small order as I'm trying to save for Christmas and I really didn't need any of it (hey ho!) but it's nice to try new things out and make the most of saving money while doing it. 

Did you do a Beauty Bay Bragging Rights shop? What did you get? Let me know if there's anything I still need to try! 

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