Tuesday, 30 December 2014

My 2014's Top Beauty Picks

As it's coming to the end of the year, I'm doing the typical "favourites" blog posts.. Already done a "year in hair" post (http://everythingyoudontneedtoknowaboutsarah.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/my-year-in-hair.html) so of course there's going to be a beauty one and later a fashion one and a general product one with all of my favourite 2014 products and outfits. 

This year I've been through so many new beauty products whether it's hair products, make up or skincare products and working in a Boots Store rather than Head Office for the first time gives me first looks at the new products available and it's easier (and more dangerous) to access them and purchase a few cheeky treats! 

This is the first year I've avoided the sunbeds (apart from just before my jollies) so I've had to find a new foundation and finally learn how to use a fake tan properly on almost a daily basis! 

Make Up 
Over the last few months I've jumped on the eyebrow bandwagon and finally became a grown woman who makes the effort to look after those arches - I picked up a few products a while back but the No7 Eyebrow Pencil is what I use on a daily basis and will be repurchasing for a very long time! While we're on the subject of No7 (I work for Boots, ok?), I'm loving their new No7 Shadow Pencil range - I barely use eyeshadows anymore and have already brought 2 of these over the last few months as I use it so regularly. It's perfect for a smokey eye! Finally for the No7 cart, their Beautifully Matte foundation is possibly one of the best foundations I've ever used. I have oily skin which is milk bottle pale and this is the most suitable foundation for my skin I've ever had. 

I also finally ditched my shimmery OTT contouring kit (that tbh, wasn't probably meant for contoring) and brought the Seventeen Define and Contour kit which is just amazing - it's definitely one of the most rated contour kits that I read about before purchasing and one of the best fivers I've spent in 2014. 

This year Rimmel launched their new Kate Moss range and I had a lippie years ago which I lost and never bothered replacing but when they brought our this berry colour (a lot darker than it looks in the picture) it was the perfect Autumn/Winter option!  


If you've read my "year in hair" post, you'll know the damage I've done to it and how battered it was left after I was blonde until earlier in 2014 so I've ended up trying (and normally chucking away) so many hair products to try and sort it out and get it back to some form of decency! But I must say out of all of the products I've used, there's only a select few that I know for a fact I'll repurchase over and over again! 

Fleur De Force mentioned the Pantene breakage defence shampoo and conditioner set in a recent favourites vlog and I must say how surprised I am - I rarely change my shampoo and conditoner (infact, I haven't done in years!) as I get so used to one and it's rare I find one I like as my hair's so thick and mane-like so I'm gobsmacked how much I've loved using the range the last couple of months - really has changed my hair for the best!

This year I've lost interest in curling or straightening my hair and gone for the more natural look and let it dry naturally but after reading about the Got2B 4 day straight hair spray I've been straightening my hair a lot more but there's been no damage whatsoever - I'll also be blogging about this one separately as it's a newbie to the hair collection! 

Finally, a favourite for the last few years but a life changer nonetheless, the Lee Stafford Blow Dry Faster spray cuts my hair drying time in at least half! 

Like my hair, I'm constantly battling with my nails after taking off my acryllics in April so OPI Nail Envy has been a life saver - quite literally! I've been through 2 bottles of the stuff this year and it's amazing - I did a blog post about this a couple of months ago (http://everythingyoudontneedtoknowaboutsarah.blogspot.co.uk/2014/11/notd-opi-nail-envy.html)!
I finally lost my Essie-ginity this year and picked up Essie's Sole Mate earlier in the Autumn and this has been my AW14 colour of choice! 

So that's my 2014 round up of favourites in my beauty drawers! Nothing fancy or expensive but I do love a simple product that's budget friendly (and normally available in Boots easily viewed between my office door and the exit!) 

As always, Tweet me your similar blogposts as I'd love to see what I've missed out on in 2014 and to try out in 2015! 

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Monday, 29 December 2014

My 2014 #OOTD favourites

Already done a hair of the year and beauty favs of 2014 blog posts so thought I'd take a look back at my favourite outfits of the year... and make me feel depressed as I can't now fit in the earlier ones! 

My first outfit (doing this in date order - ish) was a black jumpsuit from Topshop - really basic but I loved it. Infact I loved it so much I brought it in a size 16 when I was normally a 12 and my girls had to safety pin me in on our night out.. even then it was still too big! Unfortnately now it's actually too small... 2015 aim is to be able to get back into it.  

 Still skinny and blonde (with a dodgy half up hair style albeit) - brought this little croptop from Topshop in the sale and simple skirt from Primark - again, for a girlie night out (you may start to see a pattern!) 

Not a girly night out, but first weekend away with the boy back in March. Brought this dress for £3 from Primark and it's just so cute and summery. At the mo I can't wear it without leggins/tights as it's not as long as it used to be since I put on a few pounds but it's still great with leggins. These shoe boots were £5 from New Look and again, too big so had to stuff the front with cotton wool... Something's telling me I need to start buying things that fit! 

No longer blonde! The annual work (at my old job) Ball. Really couldn't decide on what kind of dress I wanted to wear as I'd been so busy I'd not had a chance to shop. I managed to get this lovely white maxi dress from a Next Clearance store for £20. The photo's not great but it's got a lovely sheer lace neck. This was a great night, emotional as it was also my last day at the job and also in Nottingham but was lovely to see all my workies together one last time, particularly my 2 favourite ladies <3 

Same outfit as earlier but with the addition of this cute little sleeveless denim jacket and a pair of sandals. We chose possibly the hottest day of summer do spend hours queuing outside of Wembley and hours standing on the pitch when we went to the Capital Summertime Ball. It's safe to say we were a bit red betime we left! Also had a flowery headband on which I believe may have a cheeky appearance in the Year in Hair Blog! 

Possibly one of my favourite outfits of the year (and not because I'm still skinny and have a tan)! Had a great holiday in Bulgaria and one of my gorg girlies Jen who runs her own little business, Cordelia (www.cordelia.bigcartel.com), made me this AWESOME t-shirt (she clearly knows I take too many selfies!). I really struggled to find a nice pair of shorts this year but found 2 nice pairs in New Look that I lived in while on holiday.

The final outfit for this year is my Birthday night outfit which is this cute little long sleeved Playsuit from Miss Selfridge. I just loved the light fabric and texture with the bow on the front! Had that annoying moment though when I went back a few days later and it was half price.. it's also still currently half price in a few Miss Selfridges too so I know it's still available. I've worn it a few times now and it's great for those occasions where you want to get dressed up in the colder months! 

So there you have it.. my favourite wardrobes of 2014! Was super hard to pick as I'm a total shoppaholic and have FAR too many clothes but these were the ones that I had good memories in too! 

Tweet me links to your own favourite outfits of this year <3

In the mean time.. HAPPY 2015! 

What I got for Christmas & The Christmas Festivities

I'm one of those people who's an absolute kid when it comes to Christmas.. I get so excited, like ridiculously excited and, like this year already, you shouldn't be surprised if I start crying when it's all over. So yes, it's that time where I'm feeling the Christmas-blues and looking through all the wonderful pressies I've got and through all the festive photos I've taken over the last week! <3 

(Ain't no Nigella but made some Red Velvet muffins)

This year was my first Christmas away from home after moving out and away from Nottingham earlier in the year but I loved having my Mum arrive Christmas eve and stay for a couple of nights.. really was lovely to be able to just chill out, have a few bottles of wine and enjoy Christmas. It was great just being able to chill out in the pub we live above and having no need to rush around and with boxes full of food, it's safe to say some over indulging has been done! Plus everyone epically spoilt me this year... 

In love with my new Michael Kors purse - not normally a pink person but it's just beautiful and possibly my favourite gift under the tree! A couple of non-surprises but still great nonetheless, a brilliant large make up bag from my favourite Boutique, Cabella, in Nottingham which I'm already using a book and iPad bag (thanks girls for the idea - so great to be able to keep everything in one place). Gucci is my absolute favourite perfume but it's not very often I buy it for myself as it's a bit price however after running out a month or so ago, I'd forgotten how much I love this perfume! 

Also got a couple of Books including Zoella's "Girl Online" and "Get Rich Blogging" (remind me if it works I owe my Dad and Step Mum!). Have to admit, already about a quarter of the way through and picked up quite a few hints and tips - definitely recommend to newbies to the blogging scene like me! 

Clearly people know me well as I got a lovely little Yankee Candle set as well as a large one which I have burning as I type.. I'm a bit of a candle-holic so a Candle post may be heading your way! 
I can't decide if people think I can't cook or I can cook well as I got 3 cook books including Antonio Carluccio's pasta book... Carluccios is my favourite restaurant so I'm looking forward to making some of his meals from my very own kitchen. 
Jack Wills have come back into my life quite a lot over the last few months so these cute lipbalms and nail files will go cutely on my dressing table! 

Speaking of dressing tables, my Grandparents brought me this wonderful Dressing table organiser which will go perfectly with my white dressing table! I feel a Make Up Storage blog post coming up! 

I'm sure a couple of new editions to the dressing table will be my new Sarah necklace from my Brother and Sister and my gorgeous rose-gold bracelet (and headphones) - the bracelet I knew about but it's just so cute and as a rose-gold... shall we say enthusiast? ... I'm loving them! 

With our year long 3000 mile challenge looming, some new Nike Gym gear was more than appreciated! Definitely gives me the motivation to get out jogging or back in the gym after the Christmas food and drink fest! And like everyone, a diet and detox is certainly in order and I finally got my hands on a box of Your Tea's Anti-C tea to help get rid of cellulite... My life has already been changed by the Tiny Tea which you may have read about on here a few months ago so I'm so excited to kick start the Anti-C Tea! 

These are the some of best picks of my Santa sack It really has been the most wondeful time of the year and I've had the very best time chillaxing with my new books, a glass of bubbly and my new Soap and Glory onesie... yes, Soap and Glory do onesies now! Thank you to all my family for making it so special and the lovely people on Twitter and the Blogersphere who made me feel so festive! 

I hope everyone had a great Christmas and I'd love to see what everyone else received from Santa under the tree so be sure to Tweet me your links! 

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Sunday, 21 December 2014

My Year in Hair

You know when you look back through all the hundreds of photos you have on your phone throughout the last few months and think, "oh yeah, I forgot about that" and "oh I wish I had that hair/body again"? I did that the other night and got really jealous of myself from like 9 months ago! Weird I know. So that gave me an idea to do a bit of a blog to reminisce over 2014! 

So I entered January with a full head of highlights (and a spray tan) which I loved and it seemed to go down well with my Mum (who will openly say if she doesn't like something - normally my hair!!) and friends.

Again with a Spray tan (clearly I went through a bit of a spray tan phase!) by the end of January I couldn't afford to get my roots done so was going for the stretched root effect which I grew quite fond of in the end! I also got quite attached to milk-maid plaitts until I realised my hair was that thick and long they didn't suit me as well as I thought they did. The fringe was also pretty much gone too. 

By the end of February beginning of March, I'd decided to go even more blonde and just colour my whole head of hair (apart from the stretched roots)! This is the photo that made me miss being blonde... (I also miss being able to wear a play suit that I brought 2 sizes too big as I loved it so much - you can see how big it is under the arm... woops! But unfortunately it's now far too small so I'd better get on the treadmill).

By April, my hair was trashed and the ends were splitting because of the bleach and it generally wasn't in a great state so I went back to my natural colour (kind of - with a hint of purple) and automatically my hair felt and looked so much better. I love being blonde and I miss it a lot but the state it leaves my hair in it's so thick so will give it a rest for a bit.

By the time I'd moved house in June, I'd got bored with my hair so I put a side fringe in... myself. Standard. And as always, within 5 minutes I was regretting it and it was doing my head in. Does anyone else ever have a fringe and instantly think, "shouldn't have done that"?

In July we went to the Capital Summer Time Ball and I thought it would be a good idea to try out a flower headband. I'm not sure I pulled it off but was nice and summery, a little bit different and jazzed up a boring bun.

Excuse the dirty mirror firstly! By the end of summer, the brown had faded a lot and the blonde was coming back through and giving it a reddish (ginger) tint. I eventually plucked up the courage to have a good trim as the ends were still so battered from being blonde and the fringe was starting to grow out.

By the end of October, I'd given in and coloured it again and put a dark brown over the ginge and it looked so much better and I was loving the length the fringe was at and surprisingly liked the neither here nor there length of my hair. Plus I'd picked up a new Babyliss curler after mine broke last year and learnt a new way of curling my hair so that it lasts so much longer and looks a lot more natural. This is is one of my favorite styled hair looks from this year!

 We finally hit November and was very nearly into December and I noticed that weeks of using the Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment was paying off and the stuff was actually magic! Its amazing. There's about 5 weeks between these photos and even thought the one above is curled, you can really see a difference to my final photo! It's in need of a colour but I like the warmer highlights naturally coming through the ends where the blonde is underneath. I'm trying to stay away from Heated products and naturally let it dry wavy ... which yes, can sometimes be the biggest mistake in life but sometimes looks pretty darn good! (Only sometimes though).

So yeah, that's my year in hair and might do a top 5 outfits from the year or something like that :) 

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Thursday, 11 December 2014

My iTunes Top 10's

Do you ever put your iTunes on shuffle and a song comes on and you think.. "I used to be obsessed with this song"? I did that earlier today and it made me realise how much music I have and how much I used to listen to certain songs which I've now not heard in months or years. So that gave me an idea to do my top's on iTunes...

Top 10 songs played: 
1) Snow Patrol: Set the Fire to the Third Bar
2) Daft Punk: Get Lucky 
3) Karen David: Carry Me Home 
4) MGMT: Kids 
5) Elbow: One Day Like This 
6) Iggy Azelia: Fancy 
7) Fall Out Boy: This ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race 
8) Rihanna: Love the Way you Lie (Piano version) 
9) Wiley: Heatwave
10) Bastille: Pompeii 

I have soooo much music it's madness and it's all such a variety.. from S Club 7 and Steps to Linkin Park. I love cheesy music but there's definitely a chunk of R&B and dance music. I love those songs that when they come on, they just take you back to an unforgettable time.. Wiley's Heatwave reminds me of Bulgaria last year, Get Lucky takes me back to New York and MGMT reminds me of the times while I was on set at Waterloo Road! 

(I don't actually have that many films (that aren't Disney or cheesy!) or TV shows so this'll have to be a top 5!)

Top 5 Films watched: 
1) Bridget Jones Diary 
2) Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) 
3) Bridget Jones Diary 2 
4) No Reservations 
4) Confessions of a Shoppaholic

Top 5 TV programmes watched: 
1) Miranda 
2) Big Bang Theory 
3) Greys's Anatomy
4) IT Crowd 
5) How I Met Your Mother

Top 5 apps used:
1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Instagram (anyone notice a bit of a pattern?) 
4) My Fitness Pal
5) Snapchat 

I want to see how bad my top's are compared to others so Tweet me what's the top of your iTunes playlist right now! :) 

Love xox 
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Monday, 8 December 2014

#Nextmas Wishlist!

Working next door to Next is quite dangerous as I'm constantly seeing things in the window or seeing items in store if I pop in to go to the Costa upstairs!As I'm part of the Next Blogging Network, thought it'd be good in the run up to Christmas to do a little wishlist slash giftguide for all my favourite Next Products.... and #Nextmas Wishlist you could call it ;)

There's sooo many products that I love, particualarly a couple of dresses which are perfect for the party season and a few goodies now we're finally settling in the flat after moving and taking a look to see what we now need so the fur throw and curtains would be perfecto!

So yes, my Next favs at the moment and the ones that definitely made it onto the final wish list!

Rose Gold Organic Disk Necklace
Cashmere Mix Cape 
Just Pink Gift Set 
Black (extra wide fit) long boots! 
Writing Set 
Red Woven Check Curtains
Gold Metallic Lace Dress
Black Embellished Neck Maxi Dress 
Faux Fur Throw
Jewellery Box 

Happy #Nextmas! 

Wednesday, 3 December 2014

My 2014 Advent Calendars

I keep seeing so many varieties of Advent Calendars this year and I think this is the first year that non-chocolate calendars have pretty much taken over the world - I keep asking everyone what type they have so I thought I'd do a little post of what I've got this year and I'll update it every week or every now and then with what goodies I open up! 

The first is a Candle Advent Calendar which I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and yes, I admit, I've already tried to sniff all doors and I can't wait to open door 13.. helloooooo cinnamon! The design is super festive too which makes me (even more) excited (than I already am) for Christmas.

I picked up the Primark jewellery advent calendar a couple of weeks ago and something made me put it back and I'm so glad I did as I managed to get it half price a couple of days ago when I went in.. Bazinga! I'm not expecting too much as, let's be honest... it's Primark! I'm not a huge earring person and it comes with 12 pairs and the rings won't fit my fat fingers but I love their necklaces so paying £5 for purely the necklaces is a bargain! There's also 4 bracelets in it too so fingers crossed they fit as I know sometimes they can be quite tight. I'm also not sure about how I feel regarding them showing photos of whats behind each door but it'll still be nice to see what's there each day! And if it's pants, it wasn't too much money! 

Last but not least, can't have Christmas without a Dairy Milk advent calendar and my Mum brought me and my boyfriend one a few weeks ago... We're in our 20's but it's just not the same without one! 

Would love to see whats in everyone's advent calendars so Tweet me links as you open yours! :) 

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Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Cabella Christmas Event Nottingham

I've mentioned Cabella a few times in previous blog posts for various reasons but I was lucky enough to FINALLY visit Dannica and her team at Cabella on Saturday night in Nottingham for their Christmas event. The team also amazingly kickstarted our fundraising for our challenge next year for Bone Cancer Research Trust (lukeandsarahs3000milechallenge.blogspot.com) by selling raffle tickets! 

I was so super excited to finally see the shop in the flesh rather than on Instagram or Facebook and it's safe to say Dannica's hard work and determination was so very worth it! 

From the most beautiful little shop down retro feeling walk way in the heart of Nottingham, the Cabella team do everything from Make Overs and Gel Nails, to make up school tutorials and parties in your home! The girls can offer a variety of make overs from a full makeover, or just a beautiful smokey eye... and don't forget the Velour Eyelashes! (I'm desperate to get the mirror and dressing table for my bedroom... Are you listening Santa?) 

Cabella also offers a wide variety of the cutest little gifts such as body milks, soaps, body butters and jellys, lip balms and THE most adorable make up bags EVER!  It's impossible to walk in and come out bag-less when the products available are so retro and are vintage-Kelloggs themed! 

I was so excited to see everything after looking at their stock online for so long and it's safe to say that I picked up a few bits and bobs including the large make up bag which is perfect for carrying my iPad and a magazine or notebook when travelling or at work, a beautiful Cherry Tartlet scented candle and a cute little Kelloggs themed, mandarin and lemon flavoured lipbalm which I've already used repeatedly! I also definitely picked up some decor inspiration and ideas from the layout of the walls and photos and even the brilliantly fitting furniture. 

If you're in Nottingham, definitely pop in to take a look and you may end up making a few cheeky purchases like myself - or even just to have a look at the stunning shop itself. 

My Mum, friends and I had a lovely evening sipping champagne and mulled wine while catching up and it's safe to say that the Cabella Christmas Trees definitely got us feeling rather festive.... Now, what else can I ask Santa for from Cabella? 

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