Here we go again..

I've blogged before and given up as I was juggling two jobs and didn't have the time, I then started a blog about dating ( and landed myself a boyfriend so it came to a close but here we go again... third time lucky? 

Now I have a lot more time on my hands after moving nearly 100 miles away from home where I have no friends and have lots of time to kill, I'm gonna give it another go to stop myself getting bored/homesick/fat! It's gonna be a bit of a mix bag but hey, that's my life all over. 

Now I've moved to a new city and taking on a totally new job,  I'm doing lots of exploring, lots of new things and trying different things to keep myself busy while the fella works most nights so I'll give you a little insight into how to keep yourself ticking over and stopping yourself going crazy - gym, cooking, seeing the sights, fashion, beauty... maybe a cocktail or two ;) Let's see what happens! 

I love writing blogs but get bored so easily but hopefully I'll find the inspiration to keep this one going for once - a few ideas include my favourite chicken recipe, new places that I've found in my new hometown of Shrewsbury, gym diary, new clothing ready for my summer staple wardrobe and or just ideas from when I'm bored stuck in traffic driving up and down the motorway everyday!  

Please please let me know what you think, what you wanna hear and don't forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram: @MsSarahJack on both! (: 


  1. Wishing you lots of luck in your new town Sarah! xx


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