Tuesday, 29 July 2014

New girl in the city..

So (I'm now aware that nearly every blog has started "So..."), as you may know if you follow me on Twitter (I then follow with that line too on most blogs) I've recently moved away from my home, job, family and friends in Nottingham to Shrewsbury, nearly 100 miles away. 

It's been a crazy couple of months and it's been one hell of a ride with plenty of ups and downs. It's surprising how many people I talk to relocate due to a partner's job or  something along those lines but no matter what advice you can be given, you never know how you'll react until it's actually happening. 

With the boyfriend leaving Nottingham 2 weeks before I did, back living with the folks for a couple of weeks, the battle of having to find a new job and travel for interviews despite having a full time job still, buying stuff for the new flat, being offered a job and signing a contract, trying to see as many friends and family members as I could before I left, having made 3 trips to Shrewsbury with car or van-fulls of belongings, leaving the Mum for the final time, being offered a job with the company who I already worked for and being beyond happy to have it, settling in and setting up the flat and starting a new job.... it was a CRAZY ride to even start our new life let alone get used to it. But I've learnt some key things that I'll take with me if I ever have to do this again... 

1- Don't panic - everything will fall into place!
My biggest panic was trying to find a job, spending hours tralling through job sites and applying for every job going - as there were no jobs with Boots going when we first found out we were moving, I applied for everything from admin and office jobs, to being a waitress or flipping burgers in Maccys. The big task was trying to attend interviews around a full time job but I eventually got offered 2 totally different jobs, one in Frankie and Bennies as a Team Leader and one as a Care Assistant driving around looking after old people - I accepted and signed a contract for the Care Assistant job! However a couple of days before I was due to start I gotta call offering me a great job with Boots which had suddenly become available... so I guess that good things come to those who (attempt to) wait! 

 2 - Twitter is the best Teacher and form of information. 
I've always been a fan of Twitter being the source of the best information but even using the hashtag Shrewsbury a couple of times, I had so many people Tweeting me, welcoming me, giving me tips on the best things to do and places to see and generally helping me beyond belief. Me and the boy had no clue of the best places to eat or things to do and all I had to do was turn to Twitter for what to do on a Saturday morning in the sunshine. It's great to get involved in group chats which may happen at a certain time every week to be aware of what's happening at the time and any great offers or information. 

3 - If friends say they'll be visiting all the time, they're full of shit. 
As you can imagine, I had all my friends telling me they'd come and visit within the first few weeks of me leaving - have they? No! My very best friends either have visited or have put dates in the diary for over the summer but I guess I was being naive with certain people thinking they'd make the effort. I've been back to Nottingham a couple of times and tried to see the friends who matter most and that's what keeps me going. I guess now that it's a case of being those people who only know what eachother are up to thanks to Facebook. Main lesson: you learn who your friends are. 

4 - Don't sit and get bored. 
As the boyf works most nights and every weekend, the first couple of weeks were so hard with the feeling of homesick taking over due to having nothing to do and not knowing anyone. Eventually the feeling passed but I think it's down to the fact I joined a gym so I practically live there most evenings and that's when I got the idea to start this blog. I still don't know anyone really, other than people at work I've not made any friends that I could text to meet for a drink or something to eat and I still sit in the flat most evenings alone but I've found things to keep me busy to stop myself getting both homesick and bored! Twitter has been a great help in people giving me suggestions on what to do over the weekend and that has been just brilliant. 

5- Take time to explore your new place!
Between leaving and starting jobs, I gave myself a week break to make sure that I could spend time getting to know the area and where the key things are. EG, Asda and Tesco, the gym, nearest and best places to eat and also to have a few hours in the town centre. I spent the day in the town centre just walking around and looking at what shops were where and getting to know the general area! 

Oh one more thing... enjoy it! 

Saturday, 26 July 2014

What I wore this week.

I saw this on another blog and loved the idea and may do this every couple of weeks depending how long I spend in clothes other than my work uniform! 

Top left: 
Top: Primark, £5
Skirt: Asda, £4
Totally in love with this top at the moment - with it's gold chain straps and brilliant mix of colours, it's great for funking up an outfit in this hot weather. 

Top right: 
Nike t-shirt, approx £30 (was a Christmas present but I brought another colour myself). 
You can't see trousers but they're just plain black gym leggins from TK Maxx. 
Definitely the second most common outfit of the week. 

Bottom left:
Top: Most common piece of clothing I ever wear, my uniform blouse. 
Skirt: Asda, £4. 
Flat black pumps: Primark, £5. 

Bottom right: 
Grey extra long vest top: Matalan, £4. 
Black maxi skirt: Next, £12. 
White lace shawl: Asda, £8.

At the minute I literally live in my uniform or gym kit so hopefully the next time I do this it will be a bit more exciting. :) 

Sunday, 20 July 2014

Holiday: Bulgaria 2014!

You can't have missed the fact (if you follow me on Twitter) that I've recently been on holiday to Bulgaria - it's safe to say I had THEEEE best time and definitely didn't want to come home. I get post-holiday-depression, let alone blues so thought I'd cheer myself up by reliving the best bits ;) 

We stayed in a little town called Ravda, about 20 minutes away from the Sunny Beach mayhem that you may have seen on TV and it's the second time I've been. It's a lovely little town with a few bars and  lovely restaurants and plenty of shops! 

With the boyf's birthday on the second day, we took advantage of this fact and hit up the strip of Sunny Beach and went round a few bars and finished up in a club called Revolutions - definitely beats the UK version (last photo.. the photos seem to go backwards in date!) We did go to Sunny Beach for a couple of nights out which was good as we got the chance to go into a few bars that we'd seen but not been in and have to say, our last night on holiday being in Sunny Beach was the best way to finish off... plus I got to take my "Let Me Take a Selfie" t-shirt for a test ride which I'm in love with (check out my friend Jen's Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/CordeliaHandmadeAndVintage) - (photo 2 & 3!).

However we did visit Sunny Beach during the day which was a really nice way to chill out in a beach bar and have a cheeky game of crazy golf which believe me, craziest crazy golf ever (photo 6 & 7)! 

Nessebar is a cute little oldy-worldie town a small bus ride away which is just a lovely little village by the beach. Old fashioned buildings on cobbled street made it a lovely walk (photos 9-11).

Other than galavanting on the buses (which were the most unreliable form of public transport I've EVER encountered), the sunworshipper in me came out and lived around the pool or on the beach day after day reading Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy (photo 4 (absolutely in love with this bikini top and think it is my most ever liked photo on Instagram - @MsSarahJack) & 5). 


I'd definitely recommend Bulgaria even though it's not somewhere that springs to mind straight away but maybe stick to somewhere away from the Sunny Beach madness if you also want some quiet down time too - it's also mega cheap with most meals costing no more than £10 for 2 people including a cocktail and even sometime a pudding!


I would love to know where you're going on holiday this year and why you chose your destination: 
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Friday, 4 July 2014

In my Summer Suitcase!

So as most of you know (well, if you follow me on Twitter you should - it's all I've been banging on about!), I fly to Bulgaria on Sunday for nearly 2 weeks for a bit of sun, sea and a loooot of sangria! ;) 

I went to Bulgaria 2 years ago with one of my girlfriends and absolutely loved it so jumped at the chance of going again when my friend mentioned her apartment was up for grabs... however unfortunately this year, I'm a little bit bigger than I used to be - this just meant the perfecto opportunity to get a bit of shopping in! I was so surprised how easy I found shopping for holiday stuff this year and did it pretty much all in one day apart from the odd bits and bobs and I was also surprised at how cheap things were compared to a couple of years ago. Therefore, I've compiled my "favourites' and staple pieces.... 

Kimono - Primark (£12)
(Top) Playsuit - Primark (£4)
(Bottom) Denim Playsuit - Topshop (£18)

Bikini Top (fav bikini top EVER, loving the crop-top style bikini tops this year!) - Primark (£8.. a bit pricey for Primark yes, but I heart it, ok!) 
Shorts - New Look (£19.. again, a bit pricey but I think the lace is super-cute!) 
Sandals (wide fit) - Primark (£8)
Pumps - New Look (£5)

£5 ALERT! Both this playsuit (which is super bright and colourful as well as backless) and this lovely and light knee length strapless dress are both from Primark and were both... wait for it... it's pretty great... FIVE POUNDS! 

Holidaying isn't holidaying without a bit of fun.. hoping the boyf doesn't see this as I've cheekily wrapped these up as his birthday presents for when he gets a year older the day after we arrive! Got these from Poundstretcher for like £2 and £3! Bargain and I'm sure it'll keep us busy for hours... both far too competitive for our own good! I've also got travel versions of Guess Who, Cluedo and Monopoly which were £8 each from Boots and also a couple of Underwater Cameras for £16 on BOGOF (again, Boots!) which we used last time and they are soooo much fun! 

Ok so, this time in 48 hours I'll be drunk on a Beach somewhere I'm sure - would love to hear what you're buying for your holidays and festivals and where you're finding the best bargains! 

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Love xx