In my Summer Suitcase!

So as most of you know (well, if you follow me on Twitter you should - it's all I've been banging on about!), I fly to Bulgaria on Sunday for nearly 2 weeks for a bit of sun, sea and a loooot of sangria! ;) 

I went to Bulgaria 2 years ago with one of my girlfriends and absolutely loved it so jumped at the chance of going again when my friend mentioned her apartment was up for grabs... however unfortunately this year, I'm a little bit bigger than I used to be - this just meant the perfecto opportunity to get a bit of shopping in! I was so surprised how easy I found shopping for holiday stuff this year and did it pretty much all in one day apart from the odd bits and bobs and I was also surprised at how cheap things were compared to a couple of years ago. Therefore, I've compiled my "favourites' and staple pieces.... 

Kimono - Primark (£12)
(Top) Playsuit - Primark (£4)
(Bottom) Denim Playsuit - Topshop (£18)

Bikini Top (fav bikini top EVER, loving the crop-top style bikini tops this year!) - Primark (£8.. a bit pricey for Primark yes, but I heart it, ok!) 
Shorts - New Look (£19.. again, a bit pricey but I think the lace is super-cute!) 
Sandals (wide fit) - Primark (£8)
Pumps - New Look (£5)

£5 ALERT! Both this playsuit (which is super bright and colourful as well as backless) and this lovely and light knee length strapless dress are both from Primark and were both... wait for it... it's pretty great... FIVE POUNDS! 

Holidaying isn't holidaying without a bit of fun.. hoping the boyf doesn't see this as I've cheekily wrapped these up as his birthday presents for when he gets a year older the day after we arrive! Got these from Poundstretcher for like £2 and £3! Bargain and I'm sure it'll keep us busy for hours... both far too competitive for our own good! I've also got travel versions of Guess Who, Cluedo and Monopoly which were £8 each from Boots and also a couple of Underwater Cameras for £16 on BOGOF (again, Boots!) which we used last time and they are soooo much fun! 

Ok so, this time in 48 hours I'll be drunk on a Beach somewhere I'm sure - would love to hear what you're buying for your holidays and festivals and where you're finding the best bargains! 

Don't forget...

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Love xx 


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