What I wore this week.

I saw this on another blog and loved the idea and may do this every couple of weeks depending how long I spend in clothes other than my work uniform! 

Top left: 
Top: Primark, £5
Skirt: Asda, £4
Totally in love with this top at the moment - with it's gold chain straps and brilliant mix of colours, it's great for funking up an outfit in this hot weather. 

Top right: 
Nike t-shirt, approx £30 (was a Christmas present but I brought another colour myself). 
You can't see trousers but they're just plain black gym leggins from TK Maxx. 
Definitely the second most common outfit of the week. 

Bottom left:
Top: Most common piece of clothing I ever wear, my uniform blouse. 
Skirt: Asda, £4. 
Flat black pumps: Primark, £5. 

Bottom right: 
Grey extra long vest top: Matalan, £4. 
Black maxi skirt: Next, £12. 
White lace shawl: Asda, £8.

At the minute I literally live in my uniform or gym kit so hopefully the next time I do this it will be a bit more exciting. :) 


  1. Love this idea :)! The top in the top right corner is lush! Gym clothes seems to be my most common outfit! Xx


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