Let me take a Selfie

Is it me or does anyone else take like 98734365783 photos of themselves before finally deciding on "that" selfie?

I was flicking through my camera roll the other day and realised how many of the same photo I had of my trying to get a good selfie. Oh my days. Talk about embarassing. I use my Nokia Lumia 1020 phone camera for selfie's as it's the easiest way of Instagramming it before putting it wherever else (plus my saving for a new nice fancy camera isn't going as well as planned). The problem with the phone is that if you take one using the front facing camera, it flips the photo so it's the opposite way and I HATE it, I have a good side and it makes it seem like it's the wrong side when it's saved.

All I end up doing is going on Instagram (or Snapchat now they've introduced filters), taking the photo and then print screening it before putting a filter on it (which takes forever as I end up print screening the photo with every single filter on)! Super long winded but I'm far too picky for my own good.

Please tell me I'm not the only person?


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