My 5 Day Hair Rule

5 day hair!

I definitely have one of those heads of hair that if you have one, love it or hate it. There’s never any inbetween and you’re constantly debating whether to cut it off and have a bob! I’m known for my crazy hair among friends and family and they’re the ones that know that even going to the hair dressers can make me cry.. Believe me, it’s happened!

But a few friends have asked for ideas and I’ve taught people how to do things like plaits and up dos so I thought I’d blog about my “5 Day trick”.. I’m not wanting to admit it, but I have to say that I’m one of those people who will only wash their hair maybe once every 5 days or so (depending how much I go to the gym!) and there’s a bit of a pattern that forms over these 5 days…

Day 1.
So, freshly washed hair is always the best and there’s no doubt about it. So I give it a good wash with a treatment (normally Herbal Essances Hello Hydration Mask) and blow dry it and roughly straighten it. My hair is straight at the front but really curly at the back and underneath.. it’s a nightmare. 

Day 2.
I will normally leave it straight for day 2, maybe a little French plait in the “neither-here-nor-there-length” fringe, or a bit of a Johnny Bravo style bouffant on top. (Yes, my nick name used to be Johnny Bravo as I used to do it every single freaking day about 4 years ago).

Day 3.
By now, I’ve probably been to the gym so it’s a bit messy and depending on how hard I worked at the gym, nomally leaves me in a self-debate over whether to wash it. DON’T. This is the perfect opportunity to get a bit of volume and back-comb-esque look going on. Blitz through some dry shampoo (I’m currently loving Bastiste’s Cherry dry shampoo.. smells luuuush) and brush it out, it should start to look and feel a million times nicer already. Now I can go for 2 options.. either way, tie your hair in a high pony tail but don’t pull the hair at the top of your head too tight so it looks a bit bigger with more volume. You can either leave it in a pony tail or do my favourite… the do-nut ring! Whoever invented these is a LEGEND! There’s so many ways of putting them in and I recently discovered the way of pulling your hair upwards with the ring in tow and rolling it back down itself, wrapping the hair around it (clearly not explaining this very well.. just go with how you normally do it).

Day 4.
This is where it could get a bit complicated.. I’ve taught many a people over the years how to do French plaits as I went through a stage later on in school/college where I work them every other day purely for the effect I’d get the next day. The best thing to do is do 2 french plaits, one down either side of your head. Do one down the middle if you have a more professional job or what not. This also makes it easier if going to the gym that night too. Leave the plaits in over night and head on over to day 5.

Finally… Day 5.
Take out your French plaits and you should be left with brilliant waves and a slight curl.. I’ve found that this way you get better waves than any expensive electrical item could every give you. Just spray with a bit of dry shampoo at the roots to de-grease and give you a bit of volume and maybe some sea salt spray (I finally caved and brought Bumble and Bumble’s sea salt spray, it’s definitely a keeper) or regular hair spray.

Tah-daahhhhh! You’ve made it through 5 days of hair styles without having to wash it. This is idea for longer/thicker hair and you can always change different parts of it or add things to each day J

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