Working with BCRT

I don't make it a secret that I'm passionate about building awareness and raising funds for Bone Cancer Research Trust after I lost my younger sister, Caroline, who was 12 when she lost her battle with Bone Cancer, Osteosarcoma - one of the rarest forms of cancer a child can get.

With this month being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and while we have Bone Cancer Awareness week 13-19th October, it seems a good time to announce a little project myself and a close friend Luke, who also lost his Brother Thomas to the same form of cancer, have been working on....

Luke and I met up earlier in the year and both said we wanted to do something and through around a few ideas but we never settled on anything concrete... until however we came up with a plan that would span over the whole of 2015 and take 12 months to complete rather than doing a one day event or something that would be over and done with quickly such as a marathon or a bike ride.

Over the space of 2015, me and Luke will be racking up 3000 miles, yes THREE THOUSAND MILES via any form of exercise - this works out approximately a marathon a week. We'll be blogging and vlogging our way through the 12 months while we cycle, swim, run, walk, climb, hike and who knows what else our way to the 3000 mile mark.

We have set up a Blog and a Youtube channel which we'll use to keep everyone up to date on our progress and we'll organise big group activities all through the year to get our friend and family involved so be sure to keep an eye out. We would LOVE to raise £1 per mile that we do and we understand that it's a big target to hit but with everyone behind us, we think this is something that we'll smash!

We're sure that Caroline and Thomas will be up there having a bit of a giggle at our expense and knowing our luck, they'll make sure it's chucking it down any day we decide to leave the comfort of the gym and get outdoors but we're doing this for such a personal reason and I'm sure I speak on behalf of both of us when I say that we're so excited to get started.We're hoping that we can get some good coverage over newspapers and local radio stations so if anyone out there is from a paper or station, please contact us!

We'll make sure we keep everyone up to date with dates we arrange big group walks or bike rides etc and I'm sure we'll do a few - we also have an exciting way to end the year but until we finalise a few more details, we're keeping that one under wraps for a little bit longer.

Be sure to follow our journey and maybe even join in:

See you on the other side!


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