Getting Ready for a night out, part 1: Pamper session

Ever been so tired and just had a couple of "those" weeks where you don't even know what to do or think? It's been like that for me this week and I was so super tired last night, I had to ditch the idea of driving back to Nottingham after work and after picking up Zoe's new Bath Soak from her new Zoella beauty line, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a chill out hour and have a bath and start preparing for tonight's mayhem! It's the first proper night out I'm going on since January so this calls for all the stops! 

I've literally not had a bath in years.. I don't have the patience and I'm definitely a shower person but I've had a bath bomb sitting in the bathroom that long it probably didn't relax me as much as it should. 

But actually, I quite enjoyed laying in the bath, the bath bomb from Lush giving the most gorgeous smell - nothing a couple of eps of Big Bang Theory and a cider can't help too. 

Knowing I was fake tanning after, I shaved the pins and tried out the No7 Intensive Radiance Body Scrub which I picked up from Boots with a No7 voupon - I've never tried it before but the smell alone captured me. It wasn't too heavy or grainy and was really easy to massage into the skin before washing away - definitely left me legs feeling smooth and tan ready! 

And of course... can't forget the new Zoella Beauty bath soak.. was so excited to hear Zoe had brought out her own beauty line and ordered a few bits the day it was available. This smells loooovely and made my bath super bubbly. You can also use it as a body wash which is a bonus! 

So.. post bath (isn't getting out of a bath one of the worst feelings ever?), before I tan myself up, do a quick file/buff/smooth (the Models Own 4 way nail magician is the best £3 I've spent in a looong time!) of the nails and a quick couple of coats of OPI Nail Envy.. I heard if you dry it under UV light it works better so gave it ago - it did dry a lot more shinier than normal! 

I get soooo nervous fake tanning my arms so I always try and stick with the gradual tan - it's a great moisturiser too. I hate the smell but it's the best gradual tan I've ever used so I guess that you win some and lose some. I only ever need to put a good amount on the night before and it normally gives a good enough tan to not have to put anymore on the next day.. and for just a couple of quid at Boots at the mo, I've definitely stocked up. 

So.. that's about it for the first part of the getting ready for a big night out and normally happens the night before. I'll upload a post shortly for part 2 of party prep - the leg tanning, the face, the hair the outfit and what I take out with me! :) 


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