Getting ready for a night out, Part 2: #HOTD #FOTD and the tan!

Following on from the prepwork I made the night before, this is the second part to the "getting ready for a night out" blog.So, I'm shaved, exfoliated, washed hair and relaxed! Now it's time for the hard work to really begin ;) 

 I'm not going to lie, when I moved house a few months ago and had a massive clear out, I threw away 20+ fake tans (shameful.. I know)! But St Moriz is one that will stay with me no matter what other brands claim they're "the best". It's cheap and cheerful but my god, it gives the best, most natural tan I've ever had using a fake tan. I love St Tropez spray tans for special occasions but when it's a normal night out, I do a couple of layers of the St Moriz tanning lotion in dark and use the mist to cover any patches that are uneven or that I've missed and BOOM, ready to rock the little dress or shorts!


Firstly - how freaking super excited am I at getting my mitts on a Zoella Beauty cosmetic bag?! VERY! 

OK... back to business! As I had some gradual tan on my hands/neck/face, I brought out the Rimmel Wake Up foundation (is it Wake Up or Wake me Up?) - I only wear this with a bit of a tan as the lightest shade is still to dark for my milk bottle complexion which is a shame as it's my favourite foundation! 

Now Autumn's hit, it's definitely time to bring out the Berry lip glosses, dark nail polishes and extra dark smokey eye - oh, and as I'm hitting the town, I brought a pair of false eyelashes too which annoyingly, I didn't use as the Rimmel Accelerator Mascara is just too good!

(Also in the make up bag... Seventeen Matte Primer, Bronzer and 18 hour concealer, Natural Collection Blusher, Smashbox eye pallet and Sally Hansen nail polish in Nearly Midnight).


For my hair I used the Babyliss Wand which is currently on offer at Boots ( which I've had for years and is always the most reliable thing. All I did was split my hair into 8ths and curled it downwards before brushing it through (and blasting enough hairspray on it to make me gag in the car all the way from Shrewsbury to Nottingham!)


Ever had that heartbreaking moment when you try on an outfit and it's too small and they can't find you a bigger size in the shop? I had this with my new Miss Selfridge Playsuit. The only one they could find in my size was the one on the model... It's safe to say betime I left the shop the plastic model was now naked! Woops. It's even more Heartbreaking that it's now £30 down from £45... GUTTED. But I don't care, I flipping love it. It's so comfortable and lightweight, the short part is that little bit longer which is perfect for a 5'10 me, plus I love the long sleeves in this weather. I also picked up a new necklace for £3 from Primark which is edgily cute! 

Of course, start the night with a few pre-drinks with the girls and a bottle of nice sparkly Rose to kick off the occasion and you'll be well on your way to a brilliant night! <3 

Tweet me your night out #HOTD #FOTD and #OOTD! :)


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