Running my own business!

A couple of friends and a couple of the lovely gals I went to school with have got me thinking over the last few weeks.. they've set up and are running their own little business (I say little... they're definitely thinking BIG) and it's really inspired me! 

Those who've known me a while may remember that 3 years ago myself and one of my bestie's Hannah, set up a little company called Bows and Hearts. After a few months I started going it alone - I made and sold jewellery, personalised phone cases, purses, sunnies and clothes, gifts and a few other bits and bobs! I did it for about 2 years and even did parties at people's houses and had stalls at markets which I loved. But late last year, I was so busy with work, and spending more money than I was making, I stopped and it came to a bit of an end and all remaining stock got sold at a car boot. 

Lately I've decided I actually really miss something to focus on (apart from blogging obvs) and it gives me a big new project! But I have NO freaking clue what to do.. I'd love to do something really similar but with limited skills and money, I need to have a think and find some real inspiration before I agree with myself! 

I flipping loved talking to people and loved meeting new people and posting an order made me feel warm and fuzzy inside and seeing people post photos on Instagram now of new jewellery or clothes they've brought and are helping promote the company, it makes me miss being tagged in photos of someone wearing my stuff and the satisfaction is gave me! 

Do you ever get mind-blank so bad that you have no idea where to start when thinking of ideas? This is how I feel at the moment so I'd love to know what kinda business you think is missing, or what kinda business you could set up if you could do anything.. anything that can be done from home that is! I need inspiration and ideas and hopefully soon it'll be brought to life! 

In the mean time.. here are a few of my favourite little businesses run by some of the beauties out there! 

Run by one of my lovely Bootsies Girls, Jen! Personalises and designs her own t-Shirts and bags! Safe to say I got a fair few in my wardrobe! 

Cabella Boutique 
You know when you have someone on Facebook from school and even though you never really speak, when they announce they're opening their own make up boutique, you get a little bit of pride! I love seeing what Dannica's up to and even getting a bit of make up inspiration - there's also a little shop online and in her boutique which is always dangerous for the bank account!

April runs her little business through Instagram and makes her own beautiful jewellery and I was quick to purchase one of her coin necklaces. Be sure to check our April's Instagram for Auroramist if you fancy something a little different but very special!


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