Birthday Weekend & What I got for my Birthday!

It's a week overdue and my birthday feels like a million years ago already but just had the best weekend with the boy, friends and family I couldn't not blog about it! 

The people who are unfortunate enough to know me around this time of year know how much I'm like a little kid when it comes to birthdays and Christmas and I get so super excited I probably annoy the life out of everyone who I speak to! My poor boyfriend has had me whittling on for weeks and literally counting down the days so I'm pretty sure he's glad it's all over. 

For my birthday this year we had a bit of a roadtrip and went up to Blackpool for a couple of days on the Thursday night-Saturday afternoon then went up to Nottingham Saturday night for a few cocktails and lovely meal with my girlies and they're lovely men. Sunday was spent slightly hungover however after a birthday tuna melt panini from Starbucks downstairs in the hotel, I just about managed to unwrap the pressies that Nick had spent ages trying to hide (quite successfully may I add)! Just spent my birthday on the Sunday with family and finished off with a trip to Cheshire Oaks shopping on the Monday and spent a little birthday money and got spoilt rotten even more! 

Managed to get to Blackpool for late evening time on the Thursday after work so first stop after getting to the hotel and wrapping up in the thermals was curry and wine at good old Spoons along the sea front - the illuminations looked so pretty outside!We stayed at the Norbreck Castle Hotel which I used to stay in as a kid and after 8 or 9 years since last staying there, it's certainly aged but it's still got that "Blackpool" feel and even smell about it which I loved!

(Hat: M&S £18, Scarf: Primark £6, Jumper: Asda £12).
Of course it's not Blackpool without an ice cream (even at half 10 at night) and spending some time on the arcades and feeling like you're going to leave with a 2p gambling problem and a ticket addiction!

On the Friday, we hit up the Sealife Centre during the day as I've not been for years and apparently it's recently been done up - it was actually really good considering we're not kids! Definitely a big recommendation if you're ever in Blackpool, kids or no kids! Following on with a little bit of shopping and a highlight of the weekend... the first Christmas Starbucks! Oh my, the Almond and Honey Hot Chocolate...! That is all. Finshing the day off with theeee best Chinese ever for my Grandad's birthday!

Saturday we finished off with a bit of a stroll along the beach before having one last go in Coral Island to win as many tickets as possible (which actually one us 2 huge cuddly things, a football table and a few other bits... clearly we spent 80% of our time here during out stay!) before heading back to Nottingham for some time with my gorgeous girlies and their boys! 

So a few too many cocktails and drinks later the next day, I managed to wake myself up enough to of course crack open some presents of my lovely man (cheese alert)! 

(Yes - that's guinea pig wrapping paper and no, the guinea pig craze didn't stop there!)

Nick brought me a "Crazy Guinea Pig Lady" sign which is already pride of place on my dressing table along with a Jack Wills hoodie, Ella Henderson's album (it's sooo good - much better than I expected!), Jamie Oliver Cook Book, Casserole pot and a cook book to match along with a freaking Instax Mini 8 Polaroid Camera which I've been eyeing up for ages and will be doing a separate blog post on later as I'm actually in love with it! The food theme continued with a cook book holder from my Dad and the gang along with a lovely smelling candle advent new jumper and amaaaaaze pair of boots (again, been eyeing up for ages) from New Look.

 (Clearly Jess chose the candles!)

After (another) chinese for dinner, headed for birthday number 3 at Mums and came away with some birthday money to spend from herself and Mum's side of the family so a day shopping at Cheshire Oaks in Chester was more than welcome the next day! 

 (Jumper: French Connection £19 - it's Legendary!) 

So a big thank you to all my family and friends who have spoilt me rotten this year and to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday on Twitter etc - really was one of the best birthdays! 


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