My 2014 Advent Calendars

I keep seeing so many varieties of Advent Calendars this year and I think this is the first year that non-chocolate calendars have pretty much taken over the world - I keep asking everyone what type they have so I thought I'd do a little post of what I've got this year and I'll update it every week or every now and then with what goodies I open up! 

The first is a Candle Advent Calendar which I got for my birthday a couple of weeks ago and yes, I admit, I've already tried to sniff all doors and I can't wait to open door 13.. helloooooo cinnamon! The design is super festive too which makes me (even more) excited (than I already am) for Christmas.

I picked up the Primark jewellery advent calendar a couple of weeks ago and something made me put it back and I'm so glad I did as I managed to get it half price a couple of days ago when I went in.. Bazinga! I'm not expecting too much as, let's be honest... it's Primark! I'm not a huge earring person and it comes with 12 pairs and the rings won't fit my fat fingers but I love their necklaces so paying £5 for purely the necklaces is a bargain! There's also 4 bracelets in it too so fingers crossed they fit as I know sometimes they can be quite tight. I'm also not sure about how I feel regarding them showing photos of whats behind each door but it'll still be nice to see what's there each day! And if it's pants, it wasn't too much money! 

Last but not least, can't have Christmas without a Dairy Milk advent calendar and my Mum brought me and my boyfriend one a few weeks ago... We're in our 20's but it's just not the same without one! 

Would love to see whats in everyone's advent calendars so Tweet me links as you open yours! :) 

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