My iTunes Top 10's

Do you ever put your iTunes on shuffle and a song comes on and you think.. "I used to be obsessed with this song"? I did that earlier today and it made me realise how much music I have and how much I used to listen to certain songs which I've now not heard in months or years. So that gave me an idea to do my top's on iTunes...

Top 10 songs played: 
1) Snow Patrol: Set the Fire to the Third Bar
2) Daft Punk: Get Lucky 
3) Karen David: Carry Me Home 
4) MGMT: Kids 
5) Elbow: One Day Like This 
6) Iggy Azelia: Fancy 
7) Fall Out Boy: This ain't a Scene, it's an Arms Race 
8) Rihanna: Love the Way you Lie (Piano version) 
9) Wiley: Heatwave
10) Bastille: Pompeii 

I have soooo much music it's madness and it's all such a variety.. from S Club 7 and Steps to Linkin Park. I love cheesy music but there's definitely a chunk of R&B and dance music. I love those songs that when they come on, they just take you back to an unforgettable time.. Wiley's Heatwave reminds me of Bulgaria last year, Get Lucky takes me back to New York and MGMT reminds me of the times while I was on set at Waterloo Road! 

(I don't actually have that many films (that aren't Disney or cheesy!) or TV shows so this'll have to be a top 5!)

Top 5 Films watched: 
1) Bridget Jones Diary 
2) Pirates of the Caribbean (the first one) 
3) Bridget Jones Diary 2 
4) No Reservations 
4) Confessions of a Shoppaholic

Top 5 TV programmes watched: 
1) Miranda 
2) Big Bang Theory 
3) Greys's Anatomy
4) IT Crowd 
5) How I Met Your Mother

Top 5 apps used:
1) Facebook
2) Twitter
3) Instagram (anyone notice a bit of a pattern?) 
4) My Fitness Pal
5) Snapchat 

I want to see how bad my top's are compared to others so Tweet me what's the top of your iTunes playlist right now! :) 

Love xox 
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