Dakota Johnson - Fashion Envy!

This time last year barely anyone had even heard of her but now she's possibly one of the most famous women in the world playing the lead in 50 Shades. I'm not obsessing over the book/film like most people seem to be but I am gonna go and watch it to see what the fuss is about but over the last few weeks, Dakota Johnson has taken over the Daily Mail website with all of the 50SOG Premiers across the world and oh my days, I've fallen uncontrollably in love with her wardrobe! So much so I'm putting my ideal wardrobe together right here right now, plus it's giving me gym inspiration looking at her stunning figure!

This Dior Black Number is to die for.. what I'd give! I love how basic her hair and make up is but how flawlessly she pulls it off. 

I'm not gonna lie, and I hope my boyfriend doesn't read this, but Dakota's stunning figure and the way she can wear this beautiful YSL dress makes me want a boob reduction! I've said for years I've wanted one but I'd give anything to be able to wear beautiful gowns like this!  The small train on the back of this dress though is definitely Wedding Dress inspiration for if I ever get engaged. 

(The "leather jacket over a stunning dress" is a look I regularly go for at the end of a night out but rarely pull off as well!) 

How cute is this wooly cardigan and leather skirt combo? Perfect for date night or a quiet night out with the girls while the weather's still cold. Plus this hair do is definitely on my radar of things to give a go! 

So yeah, a bit of a pointless one but had to express my envy at how beautiful her wardrobe has been over the last couple of weeks - how one woman can give me body envy, hair ideas, boob reduction added to my Google search and dress jealously all in one go, I'll never know!


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