Primark Candle: Pineapple & Ginger

Yes... you heard me.. Not Yankee Candle, not John Lewis or any other fancy pants store.. PRIMARK!

I've never picked up a Primark Candle before and yes I admit, I am a Yankee Candle addict - until now! I love candles, I'm obsessed and I'm sure if I buy anymore then my boyfriend is going to kick me out.

But whilst mooching around the home section in Primark last weekend, I picked up a random candle half heartedly as I walked around in a daze not really taking much notice at what I was looking at. Oh my days, it definitely brought me back to planet earth. I hadn't even taken notice of what scent it was when I picked it up but the freshness and hawaiian/holiday/cocktail-y smell filled my nose and the candle hit the pile of clothes in my basket.

In all honesty, I'd not even taken notice of how much it was so when I got to the till and it was £2, I was almost ready to chuck away the Yankees and buy the rest of the Primark scents. The jar aswell is really plain and basic but that's why I like it, it just has a classy and expensive feel to it which I love (sounds snobby I know). It has that amazing power that a lot of candles have where you walk into the room and instantly smell it when it's lit and out of all the candles I own (and thats a looooooooooot!) not many have that special power.

There's not much more I have to say on the matter and nothing that I can moan about (that's a first) so if you're heading past a Primark, be sure to pop in and take a sniff of all the different candles - for £2, can you really keep walking?

(I'm editing this post before I've even posted it purely to add in what Nick just said - he moaned when he saw another candle last week but last night after I'd written this post he got home from work and goes "actually, that smell is amazing. It smells really nice. It's possibly my favourite smell from your candles" - so there you have it, even the boys love it!)


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