Friday, 27 March 2015

#FoodFriday Not just your standard omelette!

The last couple of weeks I've been so good and 90% of the time I've been really healthy and back on it again! I'm so chuffed with myself for snacking on fruit rather than a bag of crisps but after a big gym session, I really fancied something filling but still healthy. After watching some cookery show while I was at the gym, they made a huge one-pan omlette and I certainly felt inspired on the drive home...
What I used:
1x Red Onion
1 tray of diced and cooked sweet potato
1 large handful of spinach, chopped slightly
1 large handful of plum tomatoes, cut in half
10 (approx) mushrooms sliced
2 chicken breasts, sliced
8 Eggs

I just fried the onions and mushrooms together until they were soft and then I spread out the other ingredients evenly across the pan before pouring over the whisked eggs. I had it at quite a high heat on the hob and every now and then give it a shake and get a wooden spoon around the sides. Finishing off with a sprinkle of grated cheese and put under the grill for a few minutes to make sure all the egg on top is cooked as well as giving it a bit of extra crispy texture!
It was a great meal that has fed me and Nick both twice each and it's a great meal that you can bring to the table and just help yourself to the bits you fancy!

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Meerkat Experience: Hoo Farm, Telford

Not a beauty or fashion post but couldn't not post about the best afternoon I've possible ever had last Friday!

For Christmas I brough Nick a Meerkat Experience off of Groupon for £40 down from £100 and the day finally arrived for us to go meet our new little 4 legged friends. It was like waiting for Christmas as we're both obsessed with Oleg and co and we've both always loved Meerkats.

Firstly, want to say thank you to the guys at Hoo Farm for being so understanding when we turned up late for our appointment and fitting us in despite it being our mistake. 

We got in the Meerkat enclosure area and the lady (wish I'd remembered her name) sat us down in the middle on some logs and started to tell us about the 2 meerkats that proceeded to run all over our laps and around our feet. She was really informative and was brilliant at answering all of my million and one questions and was clearly really passionate about the animals.

The two brothers were hilarious, they were so playful and funny climbing up our arms and sitting on the back of our necks and destroying my bun by thinking there was food in there so digging into it!

My jumper was definitely a main attraction as one of them was trying to rip it to shreds burying into it and even trying to get down the front of it.. cheeky so and so! Eventually he sat down in my arm and relaxed and enjoyed his chin being rubbed... 

The hour we had was so funny, it was brilliant watching them play fight and chase each other around and learn about them.

I'd really recommend keeping an eye on Groupon if you're in the Shropshire area as they do some amazing experiences with different animals too so it's the perfect afternoon for the kids or just an afternoon out with the other half or a friend, I'll definitely be taking my Mum next time she comes to visit!

Saturday, 14 March 2015


My first ever product empties post! Was having a clear out and tidy up earlier and there were sooo many empty bottles in the bathroom and in my make up drawers so thought I'd do a post as I really like reading what other people have finished and whether they'd repurchase! 

So yeah, just a little post but here ya go.. 


Both the shampoo and conditioner form the Pantene Pro V Breakage Defence range were empty, I've already brought both at least 2 or 3 times this year so it's definitely a repurchase! 

I had 2 of these that were empty (think they were BOGOF in Boots - and clearly I need to tidy up more often!). They are super cheap and they do the job but there are other hair treatments I prefer and in all honestly, with how much hair I have, I only get 3 or 4 uses out of these. 

My favourite ever hair mask/treatment. Been using it for years and I currently have 4 already repurchased as they were half price in Asda and as they're normally quite expensive I stocked up! 


I've purchased all the products below at least twice! I'd repurchase all of them within a heartbeat - in fact, I've already got the new ones on stand by for all bar the Mac as it's quite pricey and regular tube concealers do the same job. 

Ok not empty, but I've hit pan on both so near enough! I keep one in my bag and one on my dressing table and both have hit pan. Both the same make, Collection, as it's so cheap and great quality. Will definitely be repurchasing.


Really been loving a bitta tan lately! Been through 2 bottles of this since just before Christmas and it's definitely on my order list for Payday! 

Been through sooo many bottles of Gucci over the years - this is the Premier limited edition version which I've had a couple of bottles of but you can normally only get it in the Christmas box sets. I've had this since November and just ran out. Luckily I got the Guilty for Christmas to keep me going but will definitely be treating myself again to either! 

I never knew Jack Wills did body stuff until late last year and I got this hand cream from Boots in December. They no longer sell it and I can't find it in a Jack Wills store but it's one of the best hand creams I've used! Will be a shame if I can't find it again :( 

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

WAH London Nails Boxset

The worst part about working for Boots is seeing all the gift sets every day that I desperately want to try as I walk to and from my office through the middle of the store! We've had the WAH London boxsets in for a few months now I was sure I wasn't going to spend £85 on them at their original price so I kept walking ... day after day! A few weeks before Christmas they went down to £45 and then just after Christmas they went to £25. Even then I thought it was a bit steep (even though it wasn't - I was just being tight to try and save money!) but there was one in the clearance section last week due to the box being damaged. Believe me, I've never walked so fast through the store when I was told they were on offer at £12.50!

I admit I don't know much about WAH London and I've never brought a nail art set in my life (I'm more of a get the end of a hair grip and attempt to do patterns with normal nail paint kinda gal!) but I loved the box and it looked great from photos I'd already seen so I cracked and brought it.

There's sooo much in the set and in all honesty I don't know how much the polishes generally cost on their own but the set contains 8 different colours and 4 nail art pens. I'm not overly adventurous with nail colours and I like a neutral or dark colour so some I probably won't use but the light pink and the cream are both perfect for me! I watched a couple of WAH nail art pen tutorials online and I have to say they were really simple to use (once you've mustered the strength to pull the lid off!) and perfect for people who are heavy handed and not in the least bit dainty like me!

The Zip compartment is great for storing the polishes in as well as being handy to take when travelling as it's removable, and there's a section at the back in the inside of the box to keep all your pens and the tools that you get with it (not that I know what any of them are for!) nice and safe so they're not rolling about.

Again, another idea I love is the fact they give you a mini guide to different designs that you can do using the products included so if you fancy a retro manicure or a funky leopard print then you can see how to do them so they look at their very best!

In general I'm so chuffed with how organised the box is and it's a great way to keep all my regular nail bits and pieces in the same place like my OPI nail envy or nail buffer/filer/smoother all in one! The box itself is quite big so it's good for keeping under your dressing table or down the side of your sofa where mine has adopted it's new home. I'd definitely recommend to any nail art lovers out there - it's still in some Boots and I've recently seen it in Debenhams too but the prices are varying due to sales etc at the moment!


PS - This is the first blog I've posted where the photos are from my new Canon SX600 camera that I bagged in the sale! Let me know what you think :)

Friday, 6 March 2015

Your Tea's Anti C Tea - First Impressions

So it's been a couple ofs week or so since I started my batch of Anti C Tea from Your Tea who I previously had the magical Tiny Tea from - this time I'm using to to battle cellulite on my bum, thighs (front and back), my back, top of my arms and even my shins! Something must really attract cellulite to my body. I've not worn a dress or any outfit that shows my arms or legs off at all since I was probably on holiday last July and I can't remember another time since so after reading this, I'd been debating it for months on end wondering if the before/after photos I kept seeing on Your Tea's Instagram were genuine and whether it was worth the £30!

But since having it for Christmas of my family, I've been waiting for a perfect time to try it without having to wait for Summer - I wanted to make it worth it and waited for a reason to start using it rather than going straight in when I had no plans to go out or any reason to wear a nice dress. As I've got a few nights out coming up this month I started it a couple of weeks ago and I also caved and brought a new box of the Tiny Tea after learning you can use them at the same time!

I've been using both and trying to have 2 of each a day and I'm actually pleasently surprised by how it's going - you can see a difference already in my shins and the tops of my arms! There's barely anything there anymore at all. It's not made a massive difference to the front of my thighs but there's definitely a change and finally, I can't see any difference yet to the back of my thighs and bum (but the website does say that's the last place to hit)! I think it's helping that I've started doing more weight stuff in the gym but the tea itself has definitely been a huge factor.

The Anti - C tea tastes so much nicer than the Tiny Tea and has more of a cinnamon taste and smell than a chinese spice taste and smell - still having to add orange or blackcurrent squash though!

Just wanted to do a mini update as a few people have asked me on Facebook/Twitter to see what it's like so thought I'd let you know that so far so good! I've taken some 'before' photos of the backs of my legs and bum (had to track down a non-Bridget Jones pair of pants!) but didn't think about shins and tops of my arms but if I see a difference I'll do an after photo and put that on a final review post which I'll do in a couple of weeks :)

EDIT (again, before I've even posted) - Totally forgot to say that a little tip if you're wanting to order, if you spend over £30 you get Free delivery at the moment! Plus there's always a promotion code to get 5 or 10% off if you check Your Tea's Facebook/Insta/Twitter so with the code and free delivery, I pretty much got a free mug worth £9. They have a few designs but I loved this Boho design and it came in a cute tin which I now keep the tea bags in! There ya go, a bit of inside knowledge for ya!

Sunday, 1 March 2015

I've joined the Stella and Dot Team!

I've only just mentioned it on Facebook and Twitter as I've been waiting for Mr Postman to deliver my first order and supplies - seriously, it's been like waiting for Christmas! And my birthday. All rolled into one! But I finally want to say that I have officially joined the Stella & Dot Team as an Independent Stylist!

For those who don't know Stella and Dot, they are a fantastic brand who sell the most beautiful jewellery pieces and accessories. They are based in America and offer brilliant opportunities for those who may be want to run a little business on the side of their full time job or busy lives and for those who are fashion lovers like myself. Stella and Dot have been seen in huge mags such as Vogue, Grazia, Elle and many more and have a huge celebrity fan base too including Katy Perry and Jennifer Aniston.

One of my gorgeous girls, Katie, recently told me that she's joined the Stella and Dot family and explained that as a stylist, you can travel around and hold "trunk shows" (like Ann Summers/Avon parties etc) for friends, family or any ladies who are beauty magpies in the comfort of their own homes! As well as doing this for others, you can receive amazing discounts and gifts as a stylist as well as becoming part of a family and community that have already been so amazingly welcoming.

So yeah - let me get down to the bit we're all waiting for! PRODUCTS! You can find the most amazing pieces online or at Trunk Shows with a Stella and Dot stylist and there's something for everyone depending on your style and budget - particularly if you're like me and saving the pennies...

Stella and Dot isn't just a walk in boutique, they give you the perfect experience from chatting to an experienced stylist to pick out the perfect options for you, to having the products beautifully delivered to your door!

I'm so excited to get started and I'm so in love with my first little treats to myself (would be rude not to, eh?) so if you're in the Shropshire, Nottingham or surrounding areas, feel free to drop me and email if you'd like to hold you're very own show from the comfort of you're own living room - it's totally free and you even get a free goodie too!

Be sure to take a look online and if you have a special occasion around the corner or you're sticking to a budget or have a personal style which you'd love to add to, visit my page and let me know what you're looking for to see what we can come up with -!