Your Tea's Anti C Tea - First Impressions

So it's been a couple ofs week or so since I started my batch of Anti C Tea from Your Tea who I previously had the magical Tiny Tea from - this time I'm using to to battle cellulite on my bum, thighs (front and back), my back, top of my arms and even my shins! Something must really attract cellulite to my body. I've not worn a dress or any outfit that shows my arms or legs off at all since I was probably on holiday last July and I can't remember another time since so after reading this, I'd been debating it for months on end wondering if the before/after photos I kept seeing on Your Tea's Instagram were genuine and whether it was worth the £30!

But since having it for Christmas of my family, I've been waiting for a perfect time to try it without having to wait for Summer - I wanted to make it worth it and waited for a reason to start using it rather than going straight in when I had no plans to go out or any reason to wear a nice dress. As I've got a few nights out coming up this month I started it a couple of weeks ago and I also caved and brought a new box of the Tiny Tea after learning you can use them at the same time!

I've been using both and trying to have 2 of each a day and I'm actually pleasently surprised by how it's going - you can see a difference already in my shins and the tops of my arms! There's barely anything there anymore at all. It's not made a massive difference to the front of my thighs but there's definitely a change and finally, I can't see any difference yet to the back of my thighs and bum (but the website does say that's the last place to hit)! I think it's helping that I've started doing more weight stuff in the gym but the tea itself has definitely been a huge factor.

The Anti - C tea tastes so much nicer than the Tiny Tea and has more of a cinnamon taste and smell than a chinese spice taste and smell - still having to add orange or blackcurrent squash though!

Just wanted to do a mini update as a few people have asked me on Facebook/Twitter to see what it's like so thought I'd let you know that so far so good! I've taken some 'before' photos of the backs of my legs and bum (had to track down a non-Bridget Jones pair of pants!) but didn't think about shins and tops of my arms but if I see a difference I'll do an after photo and put that on a final review post which I'll do in a couple of weeks :)

EDIT (again, before I've even posted) - Totally forgot to say that a little tip if you're wanting to order, if you spend over £30 you get Free delivery at the moment! Plus there's always a promotion code to get 5 or 10% off if you check Your Tea's Facebook/Insta/Twitter so with the code and free delivery, I pretty much got a free mug worth £9. They have a few designs but I loved this Boho design and it came in a cute tin which I now keep the tea bags in! There ya go, a bit of inside knowledge for ya!


  1. This sounds like such a good tea! I want it haha!! xx


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