Fitness Update!

I've been naughty and not updated this month about my health and fitness journey and how I'm getting on and after being inspired by a few other bloggers, and now I'm in single digits until my holiday (92 days... not that I'm counting or anything!) I thought I'd get my fat arse into gear and get myself motivated so I'm not on holiday trying to cover myself up!

So I think I left the last update with a couple of targets...

Tone up the Bingo Wings
(Getting there, slowly but surely - definitely been doing more weights at the gym and can see a slight difference - not enough to wear a short sleeve anything yet though)!
Learn of more healthy desert options
OBSESSED with fruit at the moment! I've been having greek yoghurt with chocolate gluten free granola and some kinda fruit.. normally raspberries or strawberries.
Drink Tiny/Anti C Tea regularly
I've been really good at drinking the tea over the last couple of months and have sadly ran out just a couple of days ago. In a bid to try and save some money I'm not going to reorder but see if I can 'go it alone!' (Blog on the Anti Cellulite tea coming soon!)
Drink less alcohol - if I do drink, avoid wine/fizzy drinks
Can't remember when I last had a drink - definitely not in March other than maybe 1 drink every couple of weeks but definitely not been out for a heavy one since mid-February.
Keep at the interval training and try to get to 8 or 9 minutes running without stopping
Hmm, have not done it as much lately, been on the cross trainer a bit more than normal but did get to 6 minutes rather than the normal 4 (at as push)

So I've not done too bad the last couple of weeks and I was shocked when I put my jeans on and they've gone from being a bit too snug to that annoying stage where they fall down slightly around your waist and go baggy around the knees after a few hours so the flab is definitely on it's way out! There's definitely few big changes that I've made that I think have helped...
I NEVER have breakfast. I can't remember the last time I did but lately I've been having smoothies for breakfast or the yoghurt/granola/fruit combo as mentioned earlier and now I can't remember the last time I missed breakfast. I always have a smoothie just before I go to work and have a tea when I get in!
Preparing for holiday
I think doing bits and bobs for holiday lately, like buying our euros and sorting out luggage etc with the airlines has made me super excited and that bit more motivated as I know it's coming up.
Gym routine
I slipped bigstyle a few weeks ago and went about 5 days without going and it took so much effort to get back into the habit - 2 weeks later I go almost every day but I've also found it helpful that I've changed my routine a bit and instead of just going on 1 machine, or the same machine day after day and then going home, I've changed machines most visits, maybe do 2 or 3 in one go as well as doing some weights every time I go. Even if it's just a couple of sets of 20/30 reps of weights.
Definitely, after a bad couple of weeks I've hopped back on the eating good bandwagon - even at work! I've been making salads and having more salmon and tuna rather than just meat all the time! I've been eating root veg or fruit crisps rather than normal fatty ones! I've acutally enjoyed food shopping as I always have a look over the fruit and veg and come up with some ideas on what I can cook with them (see my last blog post about our 'super' omelette!)
  I've still got a long way to go but the fact I can see the shape of my body changing the feel the clothes that I wear fit me differently, better but I definitely feel more motivated and with the Spring here and the Sun out, it's making my mood better (not that it's been particularly bad) so I'm going to keep at it and keep losing those lbs and fit in to those bikinis from last year that I currently wouldn't be seen dead in!

Next targets:
Drink more Water (Skin has been going through breakout phases a lot lately!)
Build some core muscles/strength (Going to aim to go to Yoga/Pilates more!)
Throw out the old clothes that don't fit!
Get outside more - whether it's running or cycling, or just going for a walk.
I would love to read other posts from your health and fitness journey to get tips and ideas and also help keep me motivated so please Tweet me your links :)


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