How to Gym-Proof your Hair! + 10K VIEWS GIVEAWAY!

I got into a conversation on Twitter earlier after posting my blog about the new Tangle Angel about how often I wash my hair due to how much I go to the gym. I've posted previously (aaaages ago) about my 5 day hair rule but I thought I'd give my little tips on how to 'gym proof' your hair!

Plan ahead!
I always try to plan what days I'm going to the gym and if I'm going out any nights and that way I can suss out when I need my hair at it's cleanest and most presentable! If I know Im going out on the Friday night, I'll wash it after my gym session on a Thursday night... If I know I'm going out Saturday night I'll go to the gym Saturday morning and wash it straight after. It also depends if you want to leave enough time to curl it or something on 1 day old hair!

Never Under-estimate the Minis!
My Gym bag has 2x 2kg weights in it which I use on the treadmill (whole different story) so the last thing I want to is be lugging around huge bottles of shampoo and conditioner for when I wash my hair at the gym so I always keep a stash of mini Shampoo and Conditioners in my gym bag ready incase I decide to wash my hair when I hadn't planned too!

Avoid hair bobbles!
Yes - you read that right! I don't wear proper elastic hair bobbles in the gym because a) they pull your hair and damage it and b) if I've straightened it or styled it and need it to last another day or so. Instead of a bobble I go for either an Invisibobble which are amazing for gripping your hair and holding it in place for harder and more vigorous work outs or a Prairie Charm band which I got from the Shropshire Blogger Meet Up (Thanks Prairie Charms!) and they are sooo super pretty and leave no kink in your hair and add a little bit of girliness to a Gym outfit - they're better for the work outs where you may just be doing weights or a workout that isn't as tough going! If you want to get your hands on a pack, keep reading ;)

Don't overdo the dry shampoo.
Take this from experience peeps. I use to plaster my hair in dry shampoo before I'd even left the changing room but because my hair was still damp and sweaty it had gone minging and clumpy so I definitely learnt my lesson. I leave it 'til the next morning when I get up and am getting ready to put a bit of dry shampoo but always do 2 things - 1: use scented dry shampoo! 2: Tip my head upside down so I can get to the roots at the back as well as the front!

Protect while you work out!
If you know you want to have curly hair the day after or if you know if still have another day left after tonight's gym session, why not put your hair in a french plait from the top of your head? To help protect your hair, run some coconut oil or treatment through dry hair before plaiting. The next day you'll be able to take it out and it'll be lovely and curly - may just need to wack a bit of dry shampoo.

So yeah, if you're a gym goer like myself, hopefully these little tips will come in handy :)


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