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Prairie Charms: Prairie Pizzazz Box

Was too excited to receive my first Prairie Charms' Prairie Pizzazz box last week and I've seen a few people debating whether to sign up on Twitter so thought I'd show you what you get and help your decision ;) Firstly, we all know I'm a sucker for packaging and with gorgeous paper, stickers and sequins, I was rather excited before I'd even opened it properly.  When you sign up with the gorgeous and lovely team at PC (shout out to the brilliant Stephanie!) they ask you what kind of things you like and your style so it can be suited to you as much as possible..  Mine included various hair pieces which are subtle and perfect including the gorgeous black leather bow, ribbon head band, hair wraps, no bump bobbles, a super cute butterfly clip! There was also a lovely bead bracelet and a gold and pink tassel necklace along with some stationary accessories and oh, hello popcorn!  The box was only £20 and I&#

What's in my Hand Luggage?

Following on from the post I did recently about what's in my suitcase ready for holiday, I thought I'd do a bit of a hand luggage post as well! I like to try and be a bit more organised when it comes to hand luggage so even though I actually have a 10kg suitcase on wheels (as I needed more room as we're only sharing 1x 20kg suitcase) but I have my Alphabet Bag from Cabella where I keep all my onboard/airport essentials: Phone & iPad Chargers Headphones Books / Magazine Purse (including passport & Euros) Instax Mini Camera (plus extra film) Mini speaker Pain Killers / Anti travel sickness tablets Make up/face wipes Hand gel/lotion Plus anything I buy at duty free in the airport ;) Twitter Instagram Bloglovin

What's in my Holiday Suitcase + HAUL!

As I'm currently on holiday I've scheduled a few posts including this one..  it's been a case of shopping, sorting and packing early last week so thought I'd do a bit of a haul type slash what's in my suitcase type post as well as showing you what I've been buying lately. All of this is added to all my suitcase additions from last year's holiday - hit the archives here. Top left : Dorothy Perkins , £6 Top right : Topshop , £20 (pricey for a little beach dress but it looks so nice on and I love the tassles! Bottom left : Very , £12 (brought in this and a blue/purple colour) Bottom right : TK Maxx £10    Do love a good crop top at the moment - and don't worry, I did iron them before packing! Top left : Primark , £8 Top right : New Look , £4 Bottom left : Victoria's Secret , £17 (perfect for the hotel Gym) Bottom right : Oasis , £10 Left : Topshop , £42 Right : Matalan (last year)    I've literally been o

New Hair & Hair Inspo

 I've been saying on Twitter for a couple of months now that I needed to change my hair - I was bored and wanted something more Summery but for the first time ever I had no set idea as to what I wanted. I knew I wanted to go lighter but I didn't know whether than was highlights, full head or just a few highlights around the bottom for a dip dye effect. I spent hours scrawling through Instagram and Pintrest for ideas and these were some of the styles that I loved...    I went to Royston Blythe in Shrewsbury as a couple of friends have been there and their photos and hair look great and I've heard lots of good things! I went in for a consultation a few weeks ago so they knew roughly what I wanted and I showed them the above photos and basically let them take over and do what they want! I didn't know how high up my hair I wanted the blonde or which colour of blonde would suit me so I left it to the experts and this is how it went down...   BEFORE : It was

Cabella Holiday Nails & Haul!

Do you ever enter Facebook competitions and think "I'll never win but worth a go" and share the post anyway? Well helloooooo, winner right here. Last month I shared Cabella's post in an attempt to win a set of gel nails and I got a little over excited when I was the winner. It was perfect timing for my holiday so yesterday while I was in Nottingham I visited Dannica at Cabella (which you all know is one of my favs - go back and read my post on the Cabella Christmas event and see the products avaialble!) and had my nails done and stocked up on some of their new goodies. (Bloody love my nails - why do they always look better than when I do gel ones? Super summery-coral colour with a bit of gold glitter!) As for the spree, and I mean a proper spree, I stocked up on everything from bathbombs to their new Lip Paints! I've been wanting to try lip paints for a while as they have a great coverage and have the staying power of a lipstick! As they'