Cabella Holiday Nails & Haul!

Do you ever enter Facebook competitions and think "I'll never win but worth a go" and share the post anyway? Well helloooooo, winner right here. Last month I shared Cabella's post in an attempt to win a set of gel nails and I got a little over excited when I was the winner.

It was perfect timing for my holiday so yesterday while I was in Nottingham I visited Dannica at Cabella (which you all know is one of my favs - go back and read my post on the Cabella Christmas event and see the products avaialble!) and had my nails done and stocked up on some of their new goodies.

(Bloody love my nails - why do they always look better than when I do gel ones? Super summery-coral colour with a bit of gold glitter!)
As for the spree, and I mean a proper spree, I stocked up on everything from bathbombs to their new Lip Paints!

I've been wanting to try lip paints for a while as they have a great coverage and have the staying power of a lipstick! As they're only £5, I picked up 2 for my holiday, a gorgeous nude which I put on as soon as I got in the car, and a bright coral for when I'm tan-ready! I'll do a separate post with swatches and reviews if anyone's interested :)

These "cupcake" bombs are fantastic as they last up to 6 baths depending on how much you use. I normally cut them up but the girls at Cabella suggest putting them in the bath for a few minutes before taking them back out and letting them dry ready for next time. I can't remember how much they are but I think it's about £3-5 so this is great considering how long they last.

 Soap in the shape of a cake slice... need I say more?!

Wouldn't be a trip to Cabella without picking up a new candle! My Cherry Tartlette and Violet candle ran out recently (read my Candle Empties post here) so of course I had to get a new one. I went for the Strawberry Cupcake which is a new one for me and oh my, it's heavenly. I've already used an hour of it while I was in the bath last night! They are 70% cheaper than Yankee Candles but the scent still has the power to hit you when you walk into the room which is what I love.

 Now for the bathbombs...

All of the bathbombs are SUPER CUTE and contain various oils and good stuff for your skin - I'm not getting too technical here! I love the huge variety of the 15+ pieces in Cabella and I'm slowly working my way through them all. This time I picked up the blueberry cupcake which I used last night and have to say, possibly my favourite in terms of how it left my skin feeling after.

I just love the different styles and ideas that have been put into making them - I mean, who came up with a cream cake and plant pot style bath bomb? They look so good I don't want to use them! But for less than £3 each, I think I can stretch to getting them again!

If you're in Nottingham or surrounding areas, go and treat yourself next time you're shopping! Cabella have everything from bathbombs and make up to alphabet bags and jewellery to fake tan and beauty accessories!


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