Autumn Lip-spiration!

I've never been a lipstick person unless I go out at night until I started my new job and now I can't leave the house without a colour on! I just feel that lipstick or a lip product makes the face and finishes off a make up look and I've loved trying out new products and new looks so with my favourite time of year coming up, I'm looking forward to wearing an Autumn lip!

First up is the Milani Lipstick in Cabaret Blend (40) and LA Lip Paint in Daring (may be wrong, can't work out the name!) which I picked up last time I visited Cabella in Nottingham which are perfect either together or separately. The Lip Paint is quite purple but it's great for over a lipstick as it lasts such a long time and feels really moisturising or on it's own to add a bit of colour to a plain outfit.

The second combo I've been loving is the No7 Lip Crayon in Plum underneath the No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick in Berry Shine. The lipliner makes the look a bit darker than the lipstick alone would so it helps take it from Summer to Autumn/Winter.

The easiest and super-quick lip is the No7 Matte Lip Crayon in Raspberry Red. There are only 2 shades of the No7 Matte Crayon but the Raspberry Red has a lovely brown tone to it.

Finally, a favourite from last year is back again - the Rimmel 107! Zolla's favourite and one of the easiest lipsticks to wear on it's own. This also goes nicely with the Rimmel Apocolips in Across the Universe or the Revlon Colourstay in Parisian Passion!

Rather excited that it's Autumn and can't wait to wear darker lips and nails for work and day to day, and even get the flat a bit more cosy ready for the dark and cold nights! Be sure to link me to your Autumn related posts :)


  1. Love a dark lip. I never used to wear lipstick either but once you start it's addictive. I love the lokk at the revlon one. I have the kate moss one. I've loved it fir ages. M xx


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