Fitness Update: Personal Training Sessions, Breakfast and Walking Around All Day!

It's been months since I wrote a post about my fitness... partly because my fitness went out the window as you may have guessed after my last post, especially in the run up to my holiday and partly because my new job is limiting how much time I spend in the gym!

However now I have a dress to get into for the Black tie ball I'm organising, I couldn't bare looking in the mirror anymore and after months of debating, I finally got a personal trainer at my gym so I could get myself back into shape and motivated again and even though I'm only about 3 and half weeks in, I already feel a world of difference and know I should've done it months ago when I first thought about it.

I've never in my life had a PT session before but in my gym I'd seen one of the Fitness Advisors, Sasha, had started her own business and had become a personal trainer (if you're in Shropshire, take a look at her website here). Now there was a female Personal Trainer, I messaged her and before I knew it was back in the gym after 3 weeks of staying well clear - not having a clue what I was letting myself in for.

(Stolen from Sasha's Instagram!) 

After the general measuring how fat my arse is and doing all the stats and having a natter we got on with the first session and it's safe to say I worked harder than I EVER thought I could - I literally smiled the whole way through and found myself feeling so determined and so much more motivated than I've ever felt. I was actually excited for the next week and after 4 sessions (the second of which was spent mainly trying not to be sick - actually one of the best feelings!) with Sasha as well as 4 or 5 sessions in the gym on my own following my personalised programme, I can see a difference already! I have muscle building on my arms (which I'm way too overexcited about but I don't care) and I've already been adding KG's to the weights I'm lifting so it's definitely something I'm going to carry on with as it's just the best way I've found to keep on track and feel actually excited to go to the gym!

Hashtag Sweaty! 

With the PT sessions, I've been keeping a food diary which has also been a huge help in keeping me inline which has been more than tricky as I've been away a few times or been out for the odd day here and there so it's been about keeping focussed while out and about and making sure meals in the evenings as well as lunch are as healthy as possible - despite the odd treat size chocolate bar or the odd pudding every now and then, for the first time I'm actually taking time to have a read at whats in the food I'm buying - particularly if I'm grabbing a sandwich from work etc. I've finally got onto the breakfast bandwagon for the first time since I was a kid and I now can't go to work without breakfast whether it be just a Weetabix or a banana smoothie, or eggs on toast! This is definitely helped with the not eating too much at lunch as well.

The absolute gem of my new fitness/health routine is that I've changed jobs at the end of July and I've gone from sitting in an office on my arse on my own all day where I ate SO much and snacked all day long out of boredom to a job where I'm on my feet on the shop floor all day so there's no time for snacking whatsoever and I'm walking on average 5-7 miles a day. The skirt I wore on my first day is far too big and I'm back in my size 14 jeans for the first time since before last Christmas.

This is the first time in a year where I'm not drinking YourTea Teatox and I'm not taking any type of slimming tablets - it's taking longer to get there but it feels better; like I'm not cheating and that I'm doing it through sheer handwork in the gym and determination and you know what, I bloody love it! So much has changed - everything from my body and how I look, to my mood and how I feel; I feel generally happier day to day and with more energy to go to the gym after work!

After 4 weeks and 4 days of hard work and eating healthy (the majority of the time), this is the progress: 

Body Fat: 2.7% Loss 
Waist: 8cm Loss 
Hips/arse: 1cm Loss 
Arms: 1cm Loss 
Thighs: 1cm Gain 
Water mass: 2.4% Gain 

So yeah, little rambley post as I thought a fitness one was well overdue plus will help me keep track of how I'm doing ;)


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