BLOGMAS DAY 13: My first ever high-end pieces!

Ok so it may not be all high end but for me, I'm already proud to own these items as I've never been in a position to own anything more than Rimmel or No7 or something (apart from one Mac Concealer 3 years ago in LA)!

But as you may know, I'm currently training on a course to become a professional MUA after falling in love with my new job as a No7 and beauty gal at Boots and after finding out I've passed my first set of exams and my make up brushes arriving for my practicals, I got a bit excited in Boots and spent my £50 worth of points on a variety of make up.. But after feeling I needed some items that were a bit more special, a friend who is also an MUA sent me a link to a seller on eBay in the States who sells Joblot/wholesale make up - some of which designer!

I stayed up watching 6 of their bundles which finished around 2am the other night and won a 150 item bundle for about £40. It didn't state what was in it, just said it was a mix of high street and High end. And tbh, despite it being mainly high street, I did hyperventilate over a few items in particular... 

I can't describe the excitement at what the coming months bring and I already have freelance makeovers booked in with friends over Christmas and the New Year and I look forward to finally qualifying officially and get that certificate in my hands. People may not class Benefit or Mac or Chanel as high end, but for be, they're the sign of the start of something new... And holy shit is the Chanel foundation INCREDIBLE! I'm also so in love with the Mac powder so Inmay have to use these for a BLOGMAS post. 

A bit of a boring post but I'd love to know what high end products I NEED to try and I need to invest in as I start my new journey (:::: 

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