BLOGMAS DAY 9: No7 Energising Face Mask

It's been a while since I posted about my beloved No7 but tonight I tried a new little beauty for the first time; the No7 Beautiful Skin Energising Face Mask. Anyone know knows me knows I'm a bit useless with my skincare routine and it's a case of wipes, micellar water and a night cream and boom, done. But lately I've felt I needed something a little extra and something different as I've struggled between different foundations and finding one that stays out and doesn't look grey, as well as helping my stressed out skin which has become quite a state after a stressful few weeks/months.

I'd seen the mask on the shelf at work but never really taken notice or knew anything about it but after it was half price today and selling out, I had to give it ago myself so I bagged the last one. 

I took off my make up as normal, wipes then go over with cotton wool pads with micellar water and applied a layer of the mask. It advises to apply a thick layer but I later found while trying to peel it off it needed to be a lot thicker than I did it. 

It was really easy to apply and is shiny when applying so you can see anywhere you've missed. I like it as it doesn't really have a smell and I'm a bit odd and fussy when it comes to anything that has a smell if I'm putting it on my face. 

It's aim is to give a nice radiant, clear finish and as a sufferer of oily skin, my skin always feels "wet" even if it's dry but after peeling off, it gave a "clean" look, cleaner than normal anyway, colouring is more toned and even and my whole face is oil free! 

The only thing I'm not sure about is how hard is it to pick off.. Not hard per say, just time consuming! It's clear and dries skin colour and matte so you can't see where it is in your face but I do think it'd help adding more so the layer dries thicker so you'd be able to peel it off so much easier and quicker. 

My face feels super smooth, dry, clean - in fact it feels and looks so much better I don't want to put any moisturiser on and ruin it! I love it, it was only £5 today as part of the No7 24 Days of Beauty but I'd still happily pay the £12.50 regular price. 

Why not pop into your local Boots and pick one up as part of the 3 for 2? Hardest time of the year for skin so it's a great little treat to add to your winter skincare routine.

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