What I Got For Christmas 2015

So as expected, I kinda failed at BLOGMAS! I did better than I expected as I got until the last few days and then it started to go down hill but there's always 2016 ;) How was your Christmas? Did you have a good one and get spoilt rotten? I love looking at everyone's What I Got For Christmas blogs as I'm a nosey sod so I thought I'd do my own as this year's Christmas was a pretty good one. 

For Christmas itself, I spent most of Christmas Eve and Day driving as we had to go and see my Mum with me and Nick together, then my Dad with us both together, then Nick's family together, then Nick drove home as he had to work Christmas day (BOO!) while I stayed at Dads.. woke up Christmas Day with the twins and co then headed to Mum's for dinner number 2 before driving home for a 3rd christmas Dinner... yeah, talk about complicated! But it was lovely despite it being rushed and not getting a huge amount of time with everyone. Plus I was utterly spoilt... 

There was only a couple of things I asked for this year which is unusual as I normally have a list as long as my arm of things I want - one of the only things I asked for was a professional MUA carrier case for when I qualify this year and so I have somewhere to start stocking the make up and brushes I've already picked up. I saw this one specifically as it's not boring and it's not just plain black and has plenty of storage. From my Dad & co I also got this gorgeous River Island Faux Fur Suede Gillet which I love - I love a good waistcoat at the moment!

Jess Glynne's album was also on the list and has been since before my Birthday last month but I'm looking forward to getting on the road having a boogy. Staying with "entertainment", I'd totally forgotten that Mum had brought me the Mary Berry book at the Good Food Show and got it signed when I met her. 

My Mum went a little Jack Wills Crazy this year and got me the Jack Wills backpack which I requested along with more Jack Wills bits and pieces from the Boots 3 for 2. I love the backpack and wanted it specifically for if I go for a walk so don't have to take my handbag and can get packed lunch in as well as my phone, camera and purse... plus anything else I end up stupidly dragging along. 

Nick got me a OPI Nail Polish USB stick which is AMAZING as I'm forever losing mine as it's plain and boring plus how freaking cute is it for a beauty lover? Nick's Mum also got me a RT make up brush which is cool as I've never really mentioned make up or anything and apparently Nick didn't tell her either. Bonus is that it's one I don't already have too! 

2 other presents which I knew I had were the Fearless fragrance from Victoria's Secret which I've loved for SO long, plus the Babyliss Diamond Dual Big Hair which I brought for myself from Nick ;) I can't wait to try it out and I'm sure I'll post about what I think of it. 

I don't know why everyone thinks I'm such a candle lover ;) I'm obsessed with candles and I think everyone I know understands that but the look of the pile I received. I also brought 2 large Yankee Candles in the Boxing day sale at Boots too - such a bargain it was impossible to say no. 

We also received the standard 723874623 boxes of chocolates, biscuits and bottles of prosecco and wine and Chambord and a stack of vouchers which I'm SO excited to spend in the New Year. 

Thank you to any family / friends for the amazing presents and Christmas for 2015! 

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Nick brought me a 2 night trip to Rome in February - best boyfriend or what?! I'm SO excited so I need to know where the best places to visit/eat/drink in Rome are please! <3


  1. Looks like you had some incredible gifts, especially the trip to Rome - that sounds incredible! Have a brilliant time :)

    Lilies and Lipbalm


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