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So before Christmas I ordered my very own personalised Blog Planner ( in an attempt to get back onto the blogging train once and for all as part of my New Years Resolution and I have to say that despite putting it off for quite a while because of the price, I absolutely love it. 

I think firstly it's absolutely beaut and I love the font which is followed throughout the whole planner. I've started planning blog posts and using various pages to write down ideas so I'm hoping I carry on using it throughout the year and not just get bored of it like I do with everything else.. I'm actually useless! I went for the Matte Black, hard back book... 

One of my favourite parts of the planner is the month in view so it's a quick place to use it as an actual diary - I've got birthday's, weddings and special occasions already added so it's all in one place. I can also then use these as ideas for blog posts; wish lists/birthday ideas etc for various ages. 

You then get a week to view page which has more than just space for day to day life. I've been using to plan my posts as I've done below. I've just been putting the title of the post and down the side you have an area for notes/To Do's for any little ideas of things to remind you to include. The cute little ticklist is ace as well so when you're writing the post you can tick off your ideas after you've included them. What I love is how much space you get. 

At the end of each week, you get an area for your Highlights of the week as well as space for writing information about your posts if they're your favourites - an outline, the date it was published and a checklist for making sure you've advertised your new post on all channels possible. 

When it comes to monthly, there's a lot of space for a variety of things which I'm loving. There's a great space for you to keep track of stats and followers so you can compare them over the course of the year and even a small area for your outgoings which I've used for any items I've brought specifically to review or blog about or to use for blogging. 

There's also a full page for hauls - as you can see I've just started a list of items I've purchased and I want to be able to do a monthly haul type post so this is a great way of remembering what I've brought (as I'm sure there will be more than I can remember!). You too get a full page for content ideas as well as Favourites and notes at the end of each month for posts for the coming month. 

Finally, a goal page sits at the front of the planner so you can start a new year with a new set of goals whether it be to post a certain amount of times, or hit a certain amount of followers. I've added a few and I'm looking forward to taking a look back in a few months or at the end of the year. 

The only little niggle I have is that it took some time for delivery, a good couple of weeks but I'd rather wait a little longer and have a gorgeous personalised planner like this one, and it also took me some time to look through and learn about what everything is for - but that's only because I've only been blogging for about 18 months and I don't also use all the social media platforms so I'm sure most other people would find these areas more useful than I.

If you've had a blog planner, I'd love to know tips and tricks how to get the most out of my new little beauty plus I want to be nosey and see what designs you've gone for ;) 


  1. Looks lovely! I've been using a regular week to a view diary but my little girl has scribbled over it!! Will look into this! Thanks for sharing! x


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