My latest obsession: Sleeveless Coats

You know when you look at a part of your wardrobe area (or my coat stand in this instance) and you think, I own way too many of pretty much the same thing.. I had one of these moments while clearing out this week and I've realised my latest obsession is sleeveless coats! 

My first was purchased last Summer after reading Hannah Magg/Michalak's blog which featured this funky faux fur jacket from Zara - I did go to about 4 different Zara's to get it but I love it for a night out or an occasion where you can get a bit more dressed up. £70 is quite extravagant but I'm glad I invested as I've worn it so much over the last few months. 

Late last Summer I picked up this all black jersey material jacket from New Look for about £9 in the sale - it went perfectly with just a vest top underneath or a white short sleeve flowy blouse. It's really lightweight so was good for the warmer months. The only downfall with this one is that it doesn't have any pockets and I hate not having a jacket/cardigan/coat with no pockets. 

So in Blackpool half way through December, I picked up a pair of Boots in New Look and as I walked out the shop, I saw this by the door, stopped and walked away. An hour later I was back in New Look buying the damn thing for £26. The mustard colour, despite my first thoughts, actually go with so much - I wore it to a bloggers event with a white jumper and jeans and Ugg Boots, but then I wore it over Christmas with a black jumper and leggings with heels. 

For Christmas Day I got this gorgeous faux fur and suede jacket from River Island from my Dad and Step Mum! It's really nice for a night out or special occasion over Winter and I've already worn it with all black outfits as well as a dark red jumper with jeans, and a long sleeve black blouse with leggings. It also has a zip and belt to make you extra snug! 

Finally, my latest boxing day / January sale bargain was a dark grey with silver military style button jacket (which was also featured in my Sale Haul post thank you very much ;)). It was only £11 in the sale and like the mustard jacket from New Look, it's a really good jacket as it's sturdy and quite a heavy item so it's great for all year around and perfect over a casual or dressier jumper with a chunky necklace on either a night out, date night, a few drinks down the pub or just a girly day shopping! The grey makes it a bit more smarter so I'm definitely all about the black and whites with this one. 

What other fashion obsessions do I need to be about this year? Tweet me links to what clothes you're loving already in 2016! 


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