Olympus Pen E-PL7 First Impressions

So I've not got round to doing my New Year's Resolution posts but number 1 was to research and invest in a new camera for blogging as well as general life usage. I'd had an eye on one in particular and it was the Olympus Pen E-PL7 after seeing blogger, Lydia Millen, posting selfies of her with the camera.

I did quite a lot of research (for once!) and read quite a few blog posts, even watched Youtube videos and read reviews on Amazon and other websites and I finally caved last week and used a discount code I had from my birthday on Very.com - it also helps that I can't afford it right now so I don't have to pay anything for 12 months and even then, I can pay off bits and pieces before that to spread the cost.

I've got a few first impressions of the camera - bad and good - so this won't be a full on review, just a few little notes for anyone who's been thinking of getting it...

Good points: 

  • So easy to focus photos before taking them! You can also use the touch screen to focus on a certain part of the scene. 
  • Sticking with the focus, there are certain settings which will help the focus for if you specifically want to focus on something closer and make the background blurry or vice versa. 
  • There are a lot of different photo settings to pick from - I'm still learning a lot about them but I've (for the first time in life) used the manual. Some of the best settings are the filters - the black and white one specifically is one of my favourites. 
  • The manual (despite being on a disc for your PC which I'm not too keen on - I'd prefer a book) is really quite good - it's got images with clear description and has sections on each of the settings and each area of the camera. Perfect if you have a bit of time to get to know it a bit better.
  • The quality is incredible - even when the zoom is on full! 
  • The battery is a rechargeable one which is great as it will save you a fortune buying batteries - just have to remember to take your charger away with you if you're going travelling etc. 
  • It's not to everyone's taste, but I'm into anything vintage/retro so the look of the camera is what attracted me to it. 
  • One of my favourite things about the camera, and one of the 2 main reasons I purchased it is that you can transfer the photos straight to your phone (although there is a little drawback to this - keep reading to find out more!)
  • My other reason for purchasing this is the flip down screen so you can take a selfie which is perfect for if you Vlog! (Or just like taking photos with your friends!)
  • The OlympusPenGeneration hashtag is on Twitter and Instagram and it's like a great big family - it's great to see tips and ideas for photos as well as being able to meet other people with the same camera (which is great as I'm nosey!)

Bad points: 

  • You have to attach the flash if needed - I made the mistake of not taking it with me to Nottingham this weekend and when I was trying to take photos outside in the Snow Saturday night, I had to use the car park lighting and the photos came out quite yellow! 
  • It's a bit of a faff transferring photos - you have to turn the camera wifi on, select the wifi on your phone, then open the app to transfer. I keep forgetting to put my general wifi back on afterwards so I've probably used more data than normal this month. Not a huge deal breaker, I'm just lazy. 
  • It's quite heavy and with the lens on, it's quite chunky so finding a camera case is currently quite a challenge. 
  • The strap it comes off with is crap - it's so loose and has actually come off of the camera a number of times so it's definitely worth getting a better one if you're planning on walking around with it around your neck. 
  • There's a lot to it - this might not be an issue for a lot of people but I'm a bit of a technophobe and when I first turned it on, there's loads of settings around the sides of the screen and even along the top of the camera, with something that I think is to do with the brightness but for now, I'm happy just using the basics which I know and the filters. 
Here are some photos I've taken with the camera over the last week or so since I've had it... 

This has the Zoom on full and I'm stood on the otherside of the room trying to get Paddy's attention! Look at that little nose.. *heart eye emoji*

I've already done a couple of blog posts using the camera for the photos included, so go and have a nosey on over...

Latest Obsession: Sleeveless Coats  - definitely hadn't learnt about all the colour settings by that point!

Blog Planner - One of my favourite posts I've done, think it's purely because of the photos!

I can't wait to get out properly and head to our local National Trust park to take some proper photos and really take it for a test spin as well as taking it to Rome at the end of February to take some photos of the views. I'm hoping to get some really ace shots to print and frame so if you have any tips or blog posts about the Olympus Pen, please Tweet me links! :)


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