DIY Calendar

Over the last few days I've had a lot of bookings for makeovers.. more than normal so I've been struggling to find away to keep track of dates and times etc! I have a diary but I'm so useless at keeping it up to date.. in all honesty I don't even know where it is. I buy it with all the intentions of keeping it up to date (and not losing it!) but it lasts a week and then it's all over! 

So this time I decided to come up with my own idea (that I didn't even steal off Pintrest!) to make my own monthly calendar that's clear and easy to read as well as simple to keep up to date. I've got so much crafty stuff hanging around the flat at the moment since we've been trialling some DIY wedding bits and pieces so I thought I'd use some of it up! All I needed to buy was this huge book of gorgeous card featuring over 100 different patterns (all floral and cute) which was £2.99 from The Range! 

All I did to make them was set up a table on a basic Word Document and add the days along the top and dates into each box. I just Googled "August typography" and found some nice font saying "August" and other months which I added across the top. I made each a little smaller than A5 once I'd cut them out and stuck them each onto a different style of card, leaving about an inch around the edges. 

Turning them all over, I stuck a little basic string with pink glitter running through it (again from the Range, £1 for 3m) on the card as well as the next month below it to stick them together along with extra across the top to hang it on the wall with and once dried I wrote down all the important dates - colour coding them; obviously! Pink for makeovers, blue for weekends away/holidays, orange for special events etc. I can hear you all screaming "loser" at me! 

I've only done 4 months for now so it's easier to see what's coming up (and so it fits on my kitchen wall while I'm only tall enough to get the pin in the wall so high!) but actually I think it looks really cute and will be something to keep going with each time a month ends! 

I love getting crafty and doing DIY so Tweet me links to your DIY/Craft posts to give me some more ideas for those rainy days!


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