My Birthday in Chester

Oh hey blog.. it's been a while! And with my birthday out the way and having done our incredible second Black Tie Ball in memory of my Sister, I think it's time to get back to blogging (I've even treated myself to a new desk and dressing table and everything to kick my arse into gear). 

And I'm starting with throwing it back to last week where I'm daydreaming over the best couple of days in Chester for my birthday. I love Chester and it's one of my favourite places in the UK as it has everything - shopping, cocktails and things to do! For my birthday we stayed in The Queen Hotel opposite the Train Station which was insane - we only paid for the cheapest room yet somehow we ended up in a full suite which was just beautiful. I could've happily moved in (until I found out it was the 5th most haunted place in the UK). The whole hotel was stunning and definitely made the whole trip. 

We spent the day shopping (and trying to avoid the rain) and generally chilling out but of course while in Chester, I had to visit the shops that Shrewsbury is missing; Jack Wills, Primark, Cath Kidston. 

When we were on the way into town we saw a little brewhouse, Brewhouse Bar and Kitchen which of course Nick just HAD to go into.. I swear wherever we go we find a brewery! However it was all rose gold so I could get on board.. plus it had nice cider to start my birthday evening off. 

For my birthday meal we went to one of my favourite places to eat ever ever ever; The Botanist! The Botanist is just heaven and I love it, it's on of my favourite places of all time let alone in Chester. It's so relaxing with live music every night, relaxing areas to get cosy, a huge cocktail selection and fabulous menu. This was the first time Nick had ever been and I think that it lived up to his expectations after I'd been banging on about it for weeks since we decided to go to Chester. 

We both had the Deli boards with a portion of fries which are my fav - ooh what I'd give right now for a deli board with ham, coronation chicken, salmon, hummus and pork pie. Mmhmm. To make the night even more special, the beautiful girls gave us a free bottle of bubbly to celebrate. 

We finished off my birthday in one of my favourite bars; The Church. I just love how you can get drunk in a church.. it's so naughty! They have a great drink selection and brilliant music so it was safe to say I didn't want to leave when we got kicked out at closing at 1am! 

A huge thank you to everyone who wished me Happy Birthday. As always I was truly spoilt with a beautiful Emma Bridgewater Radio, an electric cake mixer, prosecco, a guinea pig colouring book (yes, they do exist), DVDs, Lush products, make up, scarves, candles.. everything I love most! People know me so well ;) With our Black Tie ball just a couple of days after, it didn't give me a lot of time to enjoy the celebrations but we definitely enjoyed a couple of days away. We returned home after a week with bunches of flowers and more birthday goodies and cards from my amazing family and friends! 

(Pinterest worthy enough?)

I love going away for my birthday and always try to plan trips around mine and Nick's special days so if you do the same, let me know where you go and where you recommend so we can start planning next year's trips as we want to start going to more new places in 2017. 

Thank you again to everyone who wished me happy birthday or sent me messages in the run up to the Ball - it really was incredible and I can't believe both of them have come and gone. Here's to whatever comes up next. 


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