What I Got For Christmas 2016

I have literally never felt less festive at Christmas in my whole life.. so I'm cheering myself up by reading everyone's "What I Got For Christmas" posts and trying to feel a little more festive belatedly. I worked Christmas Day this year so me and Nick did our presents in the evening then had our Christmas day with families on boxing day.

What we did have of our Christmas was lovely and I did really enjoy spending some time with my favourite people and boy, did I get spoilt as always! Thought I'd do my own post as a way of saying thank you to my amazing man and family.

When me and Mum went to the BBC Good Food Show in November, she brought me the majority of my Christmas presents then - including a Paul Hollywood, Mary Berry and James Martin book which we got signed while we were there. She also got me a great cooking kit with a garlic peeler and super garlic and herb crusher (which has gone perfectly with the casserole dish we got from Nick's Mum). Mum also got me a sweater (which I also new about) and some cuuuuute piggy socks.

Obviously Nick had been chatting to my Dad on the side as they got me 2 of the main presents I wanted.. it may have also had to do with the fact I drew my own Christmas list with the twins did theirs. I got an Anna Saccone Zodiac necklace (which was probably the present I wanted most!) along with a giftset of the new Hugo Boss fragrance, The Scent. Another one I really hoped for from Santa! My other main presents from my Dad were the Naked 2 Urban Decay Pallette and I finaaaaaally have a new dressing gown.. I now have a nice dressing gown and what I shall be calling my "guinea pig dressing gown" which they will continue to chew holes in and pee on.

Nick totally proved himself as world's best boyfriend this Christmas and humoured me in my latest obsession of decorating and furnishing and setting up a new dressing room/office in the flat and got me a gorgeous white trunk with rose gold detailing with a second trunk inside. I've decided the bigger trunk will be full of gym kit and weights (part of my new years resolution!) and the second will be for make up pallettes as I'm running out of room on my dressing table. He also got me a stunning jewellery box and 2 LED letter lights.

Sticking with the rose gold theme, I got some new fairy lights in the shape of leaves along with a bottle of Black Opium, the Saccone Joly Calendar, Zoella's new book, pencils, Prosecco bath salts and lip balm, a sloe gin giftset... yes, a sloe gin gift set! Plus a stocking full of goodies.

Obviously there was also copius amounts of alcohol, sweets, chocolates, biscuits, candles (including a Gin and Tonic Candle) and bits and bobs that you only get this time of year.

I feel super spoilt and had a great Christmas and am so grateful to Nick and my amazing family! I need to get back into blogging in the New Year as part of my new resolutions so I think I'll do a post when I've set up my new trunks or even my office/dressing room.

If you've done a "What I Got For Christmas" post, please Tweet me so I can be nosey and see what everyone else got ;)


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