Revolution Birmingham: Cocktail Masterclass

I am so beyond late for this blog post but I just love the photos as I used my Olympus Pen and I always feel they're a little bit more top notch than the normal ones so I didn't want to waste them.

I also wanted to say a very belated thank you to Revolutions in Birmingham for inviting me to their Blogger Cocktail Masterclass evening to celebrate the launch of their new cocktail menu - and even letting Nick come too! I was so happy to be invited as my blog has kinda gone down the pan so it was a good excuse to get back out there with my camera. Nick doesn't have too much to do with my blog (he probably couldn't even tell you what it was called!) but it was lovely for him to be able to come too and we made a bit of a night out of it as we very rarely get a chance to have some time together away from work.

It was a simple yet lovely evening meeting other bloggers and getting to try some amazing cocktails. We all got to take it in turns to head behind the bar and make a variety of cocktails - we had the opportunity to try them too, a sure highlight of the evening! It was a great laugh too as we had competitions and played games in cocktail battles and had a great Cocktail expert too from the Revs team (I want to say his name was Phillip? It's been a few weeks!)

It was a lovely evening and I'm really grateful to the team at Revolution for inviting us - hope to see you all again soon for even more cocktails!

(Nick's Mojito)
(Attempting to make a Cosmo)
(Competition time)
(A selection of our free cocktails.. a bubblegum cocktail, mojito, cosmos.. mmhmm!)

I've been spending a lot more time in Birmingham lately after learning how easy it is to get there from Shrewsbury and what a variety of places there are so let me know where else I need to try!


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