Tam Beauty Sale Haul

I'm blogging - it's a miracle! Blogmas lasted all of 1 post. Work has just been beyond crazy busy while trying to settle in to a new town - but more on that soon! So yes.. Happy New Year! 

My 2018 started pretty epically by bagging over £300 worth of make up from TamBeauty for just £73. Yes.. less than a 3rd of what it was worth. I got a lot of good sales in the boxing day/January sales but these were definitely my favourites. Superdrug had sold out of every Make Up Revolution gift set when I went on to have a look but then I saw that the TamBeauty website had the same gift sets that were a) cheaper, and b) in stock. I only went on to have a nosey to have a look but ended up with a loooooot. 

I managed to get a Make Up Revolution Lip Vault worth £60 with 10 lip kits which was one of the sets I wanted from Superdrug's website. It just looks so slick and organised and even though I won't use all of them, I've enjoyed trying them all out and the ones I know for sure I won't want I've given to one of my girlies. 

I also managed to get the Make Up Revolution Advent Calander which was one of the sets I had my other eye on. It was £20 for £100+ worth of make up including 2 of the Flawless Pallets and the Revoholic contour/highlight kit. 

On the second level there was also the Ultra Pro Glow highlight kit which is beyond beautiful and has already become my staple highlight pallet. There was also a Blush pallet and a Sun Kiss Bronzer. I'm not a massive fan of shimmery bronzers/contours but I used this as an eye shadow and it was lovely to blend into a darker brown on the crease. Also in the same drawer was the banana powder I already use so I know I love it. 

If that wasn't everything, in the bottom drawer there's also a whoooooole set of lovely brushes to use! You've got everything from foundation and face brushes as well as eye and lip brushes too. 

The whole set has everything you could ever need so it's an amazing product for someone either just getting into make up or for a present to someone who already loves make up. The storage box itself is great and will be so handy in my dressing room to keep my favourite Make Up Revolution goodies together. 

There was also a few single products/collections I purchased while I was scrolling through the Tam Beauty website that were just such amazing bargains, I could never resist. 

I got the Lip Ultra Vamp 2017 Kit because I can't say no to a good wintery, dark kit. Even if it is January, I will try and drag out the dark lip for as long as possible. These are great as they have different finishes and different tones so you can match them to the occasion you're getting ready for or just your outfit. Plus for £4, even if I didn't like one, I'm sure a girlfriend would benefit from it. 

I also picked up the ProArtist lipkit from Freedom which I've used most days since it arrived. It's stunning with a great range of colours. It's great over a lipliner or even over a lipstick to make it last longer. It's soft and moisturising too so I've been loving them over a matte lip paint so it's not as dry. Again for approximately a fiver, such a bargain. 

My final goodie was the biggest bargain at just £1.80 - The Dead Are Alive eyeshadow pallet. For whatever reason I actually brought 4 of them - whether it was subconsciously planning girlfriends birthdays in my head or just thought I could keep one for me and one for my MUA kit and keep a couple for friends - who knows! I know I had a lot of MURev eye kits before I brought all these but they are hands down my favourite brands for eye shadows and I turn to these daily - more so than HudaBeauty or Charlotte Tilbury kits that are currently slowly collecting dust. They're easy to blend and lovely colours, particularly for this time of year. 

For less than £75, I really can't complain at bagging all these bargains. Even if I don't use everything in the gift sets, they'll make lovely presents for my girls or even if I pop them in my MUA kit I'm sure someone who I'm doing a make over for will take advantage of them. 

There's still a lot of bargains on the TamBeauty website so I would DEFINITELY have a gander and see what bargains you can get as there's such a variety of products and brands waiting to be picked up super cheap. 

You're welcome ladies ;) 


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