Friday, 9 February 2018

January Haul!

So after working 70+ hours a week throughout the majority of November and December on hourly pay and then not having the time to spend any of it, I knew January was a time to treat myself to some new clothes now I've lost weight and a fit bits and pieces to make our house more of a home as we'd really not paid attention to it in the 3 months we'd been there so I did a bit of sale shopping and treated myself/us to a few new goodies...

Ok so it wasn't boxing day but we managed to go shopping between Christmas and New Year over at Cribbs Causeway and I spent a couple of vouchers that I'd received. Helloooooo Piggie goodies in Cath Kidston - just when I thought I'd got every item from the Guinea Pig Range I spotted a 2018 diary! I managed to pick up a candle, 2 note books, diary, land yard and some stationary all for less than £30 - bargains galore. I also had a One For All voucher which I used on a Yankee Candle (which smells amaaaaaazing) and a Ghost perfume gift set from Boots. Both half price in the sale. And of course... voucher or no voucher, Lush had to be on the list too. There wasn't a huge amount of Christmas products left but I managed to pick up a gift set and a couple of single bombs as well as the Once Upon A Time body lotion. 

So I went into a Primark for the first time in a few months and was so excited - but that was short lived as I was so disappointed with their current range. There really wasn't anything that took my fancy. It was a pretty boring shop - you know, the typical, 3 packs of boring knickers, boring socks and tights, black shoes for work etc.. but I did manage to pick up a couple of pairs of cute shoes in the sale for work as well as a floral blouse. I also bagged a couple of really nice, pretty bras in the sale too. 

Just lately, New Look has been my go-to for everything for clothes and shoes and I've loved everything I received. So when the sales hit I placed 3 big orders and got some really good bargains - jumpers for £1 (including a gorgeous cashmere one), dresses for £3 - you name it! But these are a selection of my favourite items that I picked up. There was such a great selection in the sales for both work and casual and managed to get a couple of nice dresses too for the odd occasion I may go out on a Friday or Saturday night for cocktails. 

I got a fair amount from Superdrug including a large Zoella Giftset for £7.50 down from £60 which is great just for every day body items as there was such a variety. I even got the Snowella Perfume for £2 too. But my favourite item that I purchased from Superdrug (and possibly throughout January in general) was this Charcoal toothpaste. I keep seeing them all over social media etc but this was at the tills for just £1.49 so I threw one in my basket when I got to the till. I'm tempted to do a full post on it in itself as it's so amazing, but that's really all you need to know. It's made such a difference to my teeth already in just a couple of weeks - it has no bad taste or texture and is just the same as normal toothpaste apart from it's black! Definitely recommend. 

I did a whole blog post about this incred section of my January haul so I'm not gonna babble on about it now. If you wanna see how I got £300+ worth of make up for £73, go and check it out! 

So yeah... a few treats and good bargains throughout January! 
Is there anything else I need in my life for February? Let me know! 

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