Christmas Bedding!

So Blogtober failed! It's safe to say I'm just not made for the blogging world sometimes and it's not been the easiest few weeks since having some bad family news followed by a loss so I got distracted with family stuff. But I've got so much going on and so many new goodies I want to get back to it plus it will also keep my mind busy too.

The last couple of days I have been sorting the flat out after being in and out for 6 weeks with suitcases and bags still.strewn everywhere so I've spruced up our home and it was time for the yearly Christmas bedding purchase! This year more than ever there seemed to be loads on the market and I've spent time trawling the web and mooching around the shops and came up with my favorites:

Top 2: Asda (George Home Living)
Bottom Left: The Range
Bottom right: Amazon (Catherine Lansfield Christmas Greetings King Duvet Set - Multi, Gold/Silver

My favourite was this Stag bedding from Asda Home - Asda George Home bedding is always my favourite as it lasts for ages, washes nicely and doesn't need ironing. Plus they are always great prices too.

It's a little tradition every year that I buy us new winter bedding and of course this year we're in yet another new home for Christmas and and with now being in a better job and general life position than last year I feel I can really enjoy Christmas and get in the festive spirit more than ever!

What are your little Christmas traditions?

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