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Anyone who knows me knows I am aaaaaaall about that matte finish.. all about the matte, 'bout the matte! Matte everything - and I aways have been! I've never event attempted a dewy look as it's not a look I thought I liked on myself.. HOWEVER.. lately, I've been persuaded by "the glow" after admiring my girl, Meg's, make up at work as well as trying to change up my make up since my skin has dried a little in the cold weather. I've recently been using a dewy finish primer under my foundation to start off with, little steps and all that. But I've been looking at purchasing the Revolution "Glow Revolution Prime Set And Glow" sprays for a while and to beat the January blues, I decided to treat myself. 

The sprays are incredible - they're so easy to use, light way and not too over the top which was my biggest worry. They have a lovely "shimmer" to them which close up does look a little like glitter, but in a casual glance, the glow is stunning. I didn't know if I'd end up using the Bronze shade however with fake tan on it's the perfect finish to a tanned look and this will be a go-to in the Summer. 

I can safely say, after over a week, I haven't gone a day without using the Prime Set Glows and finishing with a dewy look.

While purchasing the Prime Set Glow sprays, I also purchased the Jelly Highlighters while they were just £3 too. I picked up the Gold and Rose Gold. My first impression was a little disappointment as they didn't look as "fun" as the Instagram videos where it was like a proper jelly as it's quite solid. You can turn it upside down and it doesn't move and it takes a little work to get the product on your finger when you dip it in - but holy mother of god, when you get it, YOU GET IT! 

The pay off from the product on your skin is insane - I've used it a number of times before my foundation to give my look an extra boost, the colours too are so pigmented and you can really tell the difference between the gold and rose gold. 

Even for the normal Price of £6, these really are worth it, even if you're expecting it to be your Instagram jelly-porn come true! 

(wearing the Rose Gold with no other make upu)

So it's safe to say I've been liiiiiving for the Glow lately, it's made my whole look so different and has really made it look so much better since it's gone a little dry due to the cold. So I'd definitely say give these BEAUTIES a go if you're a dewy-holic. 

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  1. What shade of gold to which skin tone is best suited, how do you think?

    //Regards Cecily, student

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