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Mainly for the fact I have a million birthday's in January, I LOVE a good sale! And this year I seem to have got some amazing bargains -more so than I think every before. This year there seemed to be a lot of stuff left in the sale for longer and new stuff later on too. Maybe it's because last year I was living in hell working 20387948 hours a week but this year I've really enjoyed shopping a bit more. 

I need to chuck a disclaimer out there that you can clearly see I have 2 current obsessions: 1) Black skirts, particularly leather! and 2) Dianne Buswell. I picked up a lot of sale bargains so these are just a few of my favourites.

But first for the skirts... 
I picked up the first skirt from Peacocks for just £3. It's a cute little button up skirt which is perfect for work. I also picked up 2 new leather skirts. A PVC Style skirt for just £7.50 from Debenhams which I LOVE (as it makes me feel like I'm in the dominatrix) along with a simple plain "leather" skirt for £4, again from Peacocks. Especially now I'm finally losing some chub, I'm really enjoying wearing short skirts with tights and boots again! 

Sticking with the black theme, I saw this gorgeous Principles sequin dress in the clearance in Debenhams for £16.50 down from a ridiculous amount and I fell in love - I have no idea when I'll wear a dress this nice but I couldn't not pick it up.

So my main issue through Winter was that I only had 1 coat and it was an Army Green colour  - the colour of which does not go when you have turquoise hair. So I went on the hunt for a couple of new coats.. with a little help from Strictly/JOANNE's Dianne Buswell. I saw an account on Instagram that basically posted photos of her clothes and wear to get them and I fell head over heels for 3 coats that there posted. 

The first was this fur-lined Denim Jacket that was down to £45. This was my favourite and I went into SO MANY Topshops trying to find it as it was OOS online and I pretty much gave up and ordered another coat from the same Instagram. A few days after it actually got restocked on the Topshop website - oh well, I could probably do with 2 coats. ;) 

The coat I ordered first was a Chevron teddy coat from Urban Outfitters which was reduced to £50. This was definitely still a new favourite piece of clothing and I've ended up wearing both just as much as eachother and can safely say this has made me feel cooler than I am thinking I'm looking like Dianne Buswell (one can only wish). 

Primark had a cute little sale section for accessories where I picked up some hair grips and clips and again, trying to be cooler than I probably am, some funky coloured hair scrunchies. 

The last few weeks I've really tried to change up my style slightly and be a bit more "down with it" and be braver with what I wear and how I look and my new glasses were a massive part of this. They weren't in a sale but Specsavers had an offer on and I love them that much I couldn't not post about them. They're super different and really funky, much more out there than my regular glasses. 

I picked up quite a few bits from Boots and Debenhams in the sale but my 2 favourite bargains were the Benefit Crackers which were just £9 each for 4 products and the Kat Von D Fetish Pallet. Both from Debenhams and the crackers are still available now. 

I picked up a fair few bits that I've not included but these are my absolute favourite purchases over the last 6-8 weeks or so and it's given me a good chance to save some pennies as I've purchased presents that I can use throughout the year. 

What did you get in the sales this year? Tweet me with your biggest bargains! 


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