November Favourites: Places to Eat

So as I didn't really have any new products throughout November, I have decided to still do a favourites post, but something a little different. I realised when looking through my camera roll that I'd been to some super lovely places throughout the last couple of months - especially through November. I thought I'd do a run down for anyone who is local to Leicester of where to try throughout the festive season. 

I recently visted Gates Garden Centre and whilst the Garden Centre itself didn't excite me too much (this was before the Christmas areas launched though.. I'm sure it would be a different story now!), they have the most incredible farm shop with a huge selection of food- fresh food, meat, puddings, snacks and even a great selection of local gins, beers and drinks. We took away some pies for dinner and some puddings, Nick also picked up a couple of local beers too and they were all delicious. Some come frozen too so it's perfect for picking up this time of year and putting them in the freezer ready for a Christmas or New Year party. 

If anyone knows me personally or has spoken to me over the last few weeks, you'll know where my favourite place is right now! 

Wigston Fields News & Deli. 

I found them on Instagram a while ago and since then have been every week - Pratik and his family are so lovely and it's always such a pleasure visting. It's safe to say they know my order - a Samosa and a Cookies and Cream Brownie! NEW LEVEL STUFF! Like legit insane. They have the best selection of cakes and fresh samosas delivered and even have other local small businesses such as Chouxtique, who do the best salted caramel choux buns, showcasing their delicious treats. 

Their Instagram is "notjustacornershop" and a corner shop is far from what they are! 

Another newbie is Tamatanga in the town centre - not a small business but a great place for a curry or indian meal if you're out shopping in Leicester Town Centre. 

You can start with one of their insane cocktails while choosing from a wide selection of food on their menu. We went for a sharer dish and some sides between us which I didn't know if it would be enough - but it was the perfect choice for 2 of us. We chose the Thalia with Chicken Korma (I'm a wimp) with Prawn Tempura and the Sri Lankan Rolls. 

It's not a bad price either - I mean, there's places cheaper that you could find but it's a fantastic atmosphere, great service and the food really is amazing so it's absolutely worth it and we've already been back since. 

Can't write this post without mentioning our own pub now, can I? 

We've launched the Winter Menu at Two Steeples in Wigston and we recently held a couple of mini-blogger nights and invited some of you to try our new dishes. Obviously I'm going to seem biased but our new Chicken Tikka Nachos along with our Katsu chicken are amaaazing! Had them both way too many times now to not start looking like chicken curry! 

So .. finally not a curry or Indian related post. But me and Mum went to The Priest  House in Castle Donnington a few weeks ago as she's moving house local to there so we thought we'd go and check out her new local. 

I didn't take a photo of the Fish Finger Sandwich but it was so good - in a fresh, warm ciabatta too! 

But I did take a photo of our cheeky pudding which was the most insaaaane trio of desserts; lemon meringue cheesecake, banoffee choux bun and rhubarb panacotta - absolutely delicious and will definitely be having one to myself next time. 

The Priest House is set back right on the river and it has a lovely warm and welcoming feel, especially with the snug areas too. Will definitely be a favourite when Mum moves house. 

Finally - a festive MUST for December if you're local to Leicester. One of my gorg best friends booked a festive afternoon tea for my birthday present at Palmers Garden Centre in Enderby and it was amazing. A great selection of sandwiches (minus the one with horse radish on which nearly killed us both off) and cakes too - there was so many we had to take some home. I loved the fact that as you have to pre-book it, you're put in a lovely room with Christmas trees and table decorations to make it extra special too. 

For the most part, I genuinely love living in Leicester and there really is some lovely places to visit and some great smaller businesses that deserve your support. December is always a great time to take your family or friends to somewhere nice, or pick them up a treat for them to enjoy so let me know if you visit anywhere here - and let me know where else I need to try locally! 

Until next time.. 

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