Lockdown Life: What I'm Watching

So the main thing I think EVERYONE has been doing during lock down is Netflix and Chilling.. right? Or TV of some kind, so I thought I'd give a few recommendations of what I've been watching and loving lately!

I will throw it out there now, I'm not a big series, binge watching, have to pay attention kinda person! I don't have the best attention span and I tend to only watch stuff that I already like and I don't tend to start new series that are ridiculously long episodes and seasons. I did Game of Thrones and gave up after the first series - I couldn't suss out who was who, who was fighting who or why.. I gave up! So this is more for if you're looking for shorter series, probably a comedy but these are what I've been loving lately!

So... let's get this out the way. TIGER KING. I watched the whole lot in 2 days - the one thing I do love is documentaries and true crime stuff and just anything real life! By the end of it I had NO clue what I'd just watched. It's crazy. SO crazy! I finished it and researched it so much online - like I HAD to know what happened to Carole Baskin (presuming everyone said it in the TikTok song voice in their head)'s husband. If anyone hasn't seen Tiger King, I won't give too much away but it's about Joe Exotic who owns a Zoo who is constantly in Battle With Carole Baskin who owns another Tiger Rescue Centre in the US - he is then court trying to plan for Carole, who is believed to have killed her husband and fed them to the tigers, to be killed. Still following? It's funny, nasty, crazy.

I definitely feel like it's just one of those things you have to watch as I feel like it's just the start for them and I'd like to think that we'll hear a lot more from Carole Baskin if the case of the disappearance of her husband reopens. It really is as crazy as you'd assume from Facebook and Social Media but it's actually easy to watch and follow along - it does leave you with a lot of unanswered questions but it's so worth it so this is definitely one to watch.

If you're a comedy fan, especially a fan of FRIENDS, then Intelligence is a MUST. It's based at GCHQ which is a "nerd" version of MI5 where David Schwimmer's Character, Jerry, comes in from America to help on a case but has a different way of looking at everything. It's genuinely SO hilarious and quick witted and brilliantly written, me and Nick both watched it and didn't stop laughing. I've even started to watch it again. You can download the full series on Sky too so you don't even have to watch 1 episode and then wait a week for the next. It does end like there's going to be a second series and I really hope there is!

Also on Sky and NowTV is 2 seasons of MANIFEST. I saw an Advert for Manifest in October 2018 when I was in America and I was obsessed just from the advert. We had to wait until Summer/Autumn last year for it to finally get to the UK and the first season was just as amazing as I'd hoped. While it's very much a drama, even for me it's a great to watch. Again, without giving too much away, it's about a Plane-load of people who arrived back after a normal flight and it's suddenly 5 years into the future - these people had been presumed dead for 5 years. 1 passenger and a main character was a child and also a Twin but on arrival his twin is now 5 years older than him! It turns out that the people on the plane then get callings and visions which are to help save other peoples lives - there's some really big story lines in the first season, including finding out why they get the callings and how to stop them before the government find out, and each episode ends making you want to watch the next one, and they've really got some of the best actors and actresses. Season 2 has JUST gone onto Sky so if you're as addicted as us, you can hop straight onto the second season! 

Not too many people I don't think have AppleTV but for anyone who does, The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston and Reese Witherspoon is one of my favourites at the moment. It's about a daily TV Show and the behind the scenes of life after the Anchor and Presenter is sacked for sexually harassing a number of people. This leaves Jennifer Aniston's Character, Alex (main character), battling to keep her own job and adjusting to life without her co-host while new girl, Bradley (Reese) is making her life hell and doing exactly what she wants live on air! It's a really good show, mainly drama but some amazing acting and again, gets you hooked. Episodes are slightly longer at just over an hour each, but I've watched the first season just while doing some colouring or cooking etc. Again, S2 is being launched so it's worth watching S1 now ;) 

We've also found ourselves watching a lot of ChallengeTV (we love gameshows anyway) so I'm hoping to come out of lock down a lot cleverer than I was when it started - if you love Gameshows too, The Quiz was a great watch about the "cough scandal" on Who Want's To Be A Millionaire all those years ago and it shows actually how much went into it and how much goes into a lot of people getting into the chair - we've watched normal episodes since and now I question everyone - if you watch "The Quiz" I'm sure you'll understand. It's only 3x 45 minute episodes on ITV so it's worth downloading and watching! 

Hope you like these recommendations - they're all slightly different too than just the standard Netflix shows you see floating around so this gives you something different to watch! Let me know what you think and what else we need to watch.. it's not like we're going anywhere anytime soon is it?! 

Sarah xox 


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