Our Norfolk Stay at The Gin Trap

I've waited to post this due to lockdown as it seemed a bit pointless but I wanted to write about one of the best places we've ever stayed in the UK so if anyone needs a weekend away or a little staycation then they can look into the amazing Gin Trap in Norfolk.

We stayed at the Gin Trap back in March and it was really last minute due to the being stranded on our cruise. We had our pup Ralph in kennels in Norfolk so when we knew what day we'd be landing, we booked a hotel for the night before we collected him so we could enjoy one last night together as well as settle as much as we good through the jetlag and somehow get used to the new "corona" life as we'd missed the chaos that started in shops and such.

We found the Gin Trap online while looking for somewhere last minute the day before we got off the cruise and flew back from Jamaica and we absolutely hit the jackpot and had booked what will always now be one of my favourite stays we've ever had in the UK. We drove into the little village of Ringstead in Norfolk and walked through a gorgeous little homely rub with an open fire going to check in - if I was excited by the restaurant and bar, I was in for a shock at our room.

We walked across the courtyard to our room and it was stunning - absolute bedroom goals with open wooden floors, and amazing d├ęcor to match. The little touches to the room were everything - environmentally friendly drinks section and even bathroom products like shampoo and conditioner.

We did go over for a meal that night too as we were so tired from jetlag, emotional from what our honeymoon had turned into and didn't know where we were and the food matched up to everything about the hotel room - it had the best atmosphere with open fires and board games in cute little corners in big comfy chairs, and don't forget (as the name suggests), the most insane Gin Collection. I feel like writing about it will never do it justice, but here's some photos that bring back some honeymoon-saving memories!

(The banana sourdough breakfast was the best breakfast I've ever had!)

Better yet, they allow dogs so if you're looking to go somewhere for a night near the beach or with nice walks but have a 4 legged friend, then this is perfect for you. The hotel is in a small village that also has a shop that seems like just a normal corner shop from the outside but is actually 3 levels of antiques and homeware too with some incredible finds - we spent over an hour just looking around before purchasing some local wine, ales and goodies.

I already cannot wait to go back when we can and we have time for a few nights away, we will happily travel over 2 and a half hours for another couple of nights here! If anyone has any ideas for doggy friendly staycations in the UK for our anniversary in September, we're going to let ourselves have another honeymoon  considering the last was a disaster ;)

Sarah xox



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