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Hiiii! :) Sarah here! Welcome to my blog, whether you're a new reader or you've been here a while. 

I'm 23 and live in Shrewsbury but originally from Nottingham - I'm a beauty and fashion lover, food and fitness fanatic guinea pig whisperer and I spend a lot of time in my car or on trains as I love travelling. I work for Boots full time in the HR side of things for the whole of Shropshire as well as being an Independent Stylist for Stella & Dot (post more about this in the Fashion section!) and while I'm not working I'm normally in the gym or out running/cycling as part of the year long 3000 mile challenge I'm currently doing for Bone Cancer Research Trust in memory of my little Sister - read more about it here

I did the 20 random facts tag when I first started my blog so if you missed here, here's everything you didn't know and probably don't need to know about me... 

1)I have 3 guinea pigs at my Mum's and one who lives with me 
2)I passed out having my ears pierced
3)I have 4 tattoos
4)My favourite food is cottage pie
5)I am like a little kid when it comes to birthday/Christmas/Holidays and I will remind you daily how many days it is away 
6)It took me 9 attempts to pass my driving test … (don’t get me started!)
7)I don’t like cheese or bacon and rarely eat chocolate
8)I can watch Bridget Jones and quote the whole thing as I go along… (the reason why my Mum refuses to watch it with me)
9)I get obsessed over new TV programmes that I find… (the latest is Grey’s Anatomy and I watched the first 9 seasons in 4 weeks.)
10) My second home is the gym
11) I know the name and order of every service station from Nottingham to London on the M1 and the majority of the ones from Nottingham to Blackpool
12) I have an iPhone 6
13) The best way to know if I’m stressed is if I’ve picked off my nail polish
14) I’ve never not got nail polish on (unless I'm stressed!)
15) The first bloggers I ever followed/found was Fleur De Force, Laura from BellesBoutique and ViviannaDoesMakeUp
16) I’m allergic to wasp and bee stings as well as mosquito bites
17) I have a fear of Microsoft Excel and Spreadsheets… like a genuine fear!
18)I drive a Black Toyota Aygo Fire with a personalised reg plate that my Dad’s family clubbed together for on my 21st Birthday
19) I love walking on my own around a Nature Reserve or somewhere with big fields in the out doors
20) Put me near a beach, any beach, and I'm your's for life. 

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