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20 random facts about me!

20 Random Facts Tag.. a while ago I was tagged in a “20 Random Facts” post by someone else so thought as a way of getting to know me, below are a list of things you don’t really need to know and may make you think I’m a bit bizarre.. 1)I have 3 guinea pigs 2)I passed out having my ears pierced 3)I have 4 tattoos 4)My favourite food is cottage pie 5)I’ve recently moved from Nottingham to Shrewsbury … (more to come later) 6)It took me 9 attempts to pass my driving test … (don’t get me started!) 7)I don’t like cheese or bacon and rarely eat chocolate 8)I can watch Bridget Jones and quote the whole thing as I go along… (the reason why my Mum refuses to watch it with me) 9)I get obsessed over new TV programmes that I find… (the latest is Grey’s Anatomy and I watched the first 9 seasons in 4 weeks.) 10) My second home is the gym 11) I know the name and order of every service station from Nottingham to London on the M1 and the majority of the ones from Nottingham to Blackpool 12)

(Belated) Food Friday: Herby Chicken & Veg!

Hashtag Food Friday… well, Tuesday as I ended up having an unexpected Friday night! A couple of weeks ago I Instagram’d a photo of a meal that I’d cooked after saying I was trying to eat healthier and a few people said how nice it looked and what I used to make it so I thought I’d kick off the blog talking about something we all love… food food food. For those of you that know me, you’ll (more than likely) know that I’m going on holiday in a couple of weeks… not that I’ve been counting down or anything… but I desperately need to shift that last bit of weight before I hit the beach which means I’ve been trying to eat a lot healthier and trying to find new ways to introduce fruit and veg to my day! We had some chicken in the fridge that was due to go out of date in a few days and some left over veg that I had from a stir fry the night before so this seemed like the way to go and ended up producing a rather tasty dish of Herby Chicken with mashed potato and mixed veg….. - In a

Here we go again..

I've blogged before and given up as I was juggling two jobs and didn't have the time, I then started a blog about dating ( and landed myself a boyfriend so it came to a close but here we go again... third time lucky?  Now I have a lot more time on my hands after moving nearly 100 miles away from home where I have no friends and have lots of time to kill, I'm gonna give it another go to stop myself getting bored/homesick/fat! It's gonna be a bit of a mix bag but hey, that's my life all over.  Now I've moved to a new city and taking on a totally new job,  I'm doing lots of exploring, lots of new things and trying different things to keep myself busy while the fella works most nights so I'll give you a little insight into how to keep yourself ticking over and stopping yourself going crazy - gym, cooking, seeing the sights, fashion, beauty... maybe a cocktail or two ;) Let's see what happens!  I l