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What are you wearing? Work uniform.. lovely black dress and jacket. Ever been in love? Yes. Ever had a terrible breakup? Many times.. check out my dating blog for more ( ) How tall are you? 5 foot 9. How much do you weigh? Too much. Any tattoos? 5… My sisters initials and a star pattern on my wrist, bow on the back of my neck, music note on the outside of my little finger and a dollar sign down my thigh which I had done at High Voltage where they film LA Ink! Any piercings? My ears… I passed out having those pierced so not braved anything else. OTP? Eh? Favourite show? Anything funny.. Friends, Big Bang Theory, HIMYM. Most of the Soaps. Favourite bands? I listen to most music. Love a bit of cheese though so probably a Pop Band. I’ve seen Mcfly Live at least 13 times so maybe that should be the answer. Something you miss? My little sister who we lost to cancer. Favourite song? All time favourite song is Set the Fire to the Th

Bit of a Boots haul type thing…

Bit of a Boots haul type thing… So (really need to stop starting my blogs with the word ‘so’) after having a purse clear out, I found a stack of vouchers and discount receipts for Boots so after pay day I thought I’d head into the big Boots in town (rather than the one I work in as it’s a bit smaller) and have a mooch and try and get through my vouchers… was pleasantly surprised with the total it came to at the till when stocking up my bathroom and make up cabinet! Make up: After a disaster a few weeks ago where my OPI nail envy randomly exploded in my make up bag, I kinda begrudged paying another fortune for a new one but knowing I had some vouchers and knowing that I’d be happy that I made the purchase after, it did sneakily appear in my basket… (boy I’m glad I did, this stuff is amazing even after a few days… blog will be up in the near future!) I tried the Seventeen Miracle Matte primer a while ago and it changed my life (quite literally!). I have really oil