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Let me take a Selfie

Is it me or does anyone else take like 98734365783 photos of themselves before finally deciding on "that" selfie?

I was flicking through my camera roll the other day and realised how many of the same photo I had of my trying to get a good selfie. Oh my days. Talk about embarassing. I use my Nokia Lumia 1020 phone camera for selfie's as it's the easiest way of Instagramming it before putting it wherever else (plus my saving for a new nice fancy camera isn't going as well as planned). The problem with the phone is that if you take one using the front facing camera, it flips the photo so it's the opposite way and I HATE it, I have a good side and it makes it seem like it's the wrong side when it's saved.

All I end up doing is going on Instagram (or Snapchat now they've introduced filters), taking the photo and then print screening it before putting a filter on it (which takes forever as I end up print screening the photo with every single filter on)!…

AW14: The nail edition.

Now it's Autumn, the pastel and nude polishes have gone back in the box for another year and now it's all about the dark colours and berry shades. One of my favourite things about working for Boots is being able to browse the shelves at the latest products and offers to see what's key this season and here's what I've had my eye on so far...

Collection - £2.99! Bargain... not really keen on the brush but the colours really nice, not too green! 

Barry M have really impressed me this Autumn, the new colours are just lovely - particularly like the burnt orange and mustard colours. 
Primark - yes, Primark! OMG. I tweeted about this and it's my most fav'd Tweet ever. Dried really quick, lovely shine to it and only took 1 coat too. And for £1 for basic colours and £2 for glitters how can you say no? Yesterday I was in the gym for over an hour, cleaned the guinea pig cage out, coloured my hair, washed the pots and cleaned the flat and not a chip in sight! 

No 7…

#FoodFriday: What I ate today

I'm becoming a bit of a pro at food prep (even if it means getting out of bed 15 minutes earlier) and most of this week I've had Fruit salad and a Your Tea's Tiny Tea for breakfast followed by a Tuna Salad for lunch. 
Also had a cheeky bag of monster munch this afternoon.. woops. Oh and another Tiny Tea!

For dinner I was inspired by Jamie Oliver's 15 minute meals and nicked his Pesto pasta idea. I used wholegrain pasta and added chicken and broccoli and mixed it with some basil pesto! 
Easy peasy and was actually reaaaaally nice! Was really suprised :) 

Nice and simple today - and of course another Tiny Tea in the evening while I'm still on the Teatox Detox! 

The AW Wardrobe has begun..

So.. that's it. End of summer. Autumn is officially here! I've never liked this time of the year... ever! I love Christmas but even the last couple of years I've not been that bothered so when I've found myself getting excited over the new Autumn looks and the Christmas products hitting the shelves (admit it.. who's super excited for the Boots launch later in the month!!!), it's been a little strange.
I recently did a AW14 wish list and it's safe to say I've almost started making my way through it.. during a little girly shopping over the weekend, I stumbled across a loooovely berry colour pair of ankle boots in good ol' Dotty P for £25. Admitedly, I tried them on and put them back (3 times) before deciding I want them. And ooooh boy am I glad I did.. already slightly in love with them!

I also popped into Outfit next door to where I work as I've found a voucher I had for Christmas last year when I was clearing out the other day and added a few …

My 5 Day Hair Rule

5 day hair!
I definitely have one of those heads of hair that if you have one, love it or hate it. There’s never any inbetween and you’re constantly debating whether to cut it off and have a bob! I’m known for my crazy hair among friends and family and they’re the ones that know that even going to the hair dressers can make me cry.. Believe me, it’s happened!
But a few friends have asked for ideas and I’ve taught people how to do things like plaits and up dos so I thought I’d blog about my “5 Day trick”.. I’m not wanting to admit it, but I have to say that I’m one of those people who will only wash their hair maybe once every 5 days or so (depending how much I go to the gym!) and there’s a bit of a pattern that forms over these 5 days…
Day 1. So, freshly washed hair is always the best and there’s no doubt about it. So I give it a good wash with a treatment (normally Herbal Essances Hello Hydration Mask) and blow dry it and roughly straighten it. My hair is straight at the front but re…

A/W Wish List

I keep see wish lists floating around the bloggersphere and I'm loving the idea... I'm trying to save money at the moment so I'm not going to doing any major shopping any time soon unfortunately however I've seen the odd beauty in various stores or online (or even on other people's blogs!) - a girl can wish though, right?!

1 - New Look 2 - New Look 3 - George @ Asda 4 - Topshop 5 - Tophshop 6 - ASOS 7 - 8 - Boots 9 - Adorn via 10 - New Look 11 - New Look

Day 14 of the 14 day Your Tea Teatox!

After 14 days,  I've come to the end of my 14 day teatox with Your Tea's Tiny Tea! And it's safe to say it's made a HUGE impact. 
I did a blog last week about my first week and how it was going and it's just pure gold. The first week, the difference was unbelievable. On day 10, I got on the scales and had lost 9 and a half pounds in weight and got my jeans on for the first time in months.. I had to get off the scales and get back on them to make sure they weren't broken! 
 (Day 1 and Day 10)
By about day 11, I'm not going to lie I was slacking slightly and as I had a manic few days, I was only having 1, maybe 2 a day and the salads had started to go out the window. Whether it was psychological or not, I felt that I was becoming more bloated again and just not as thin as I had done the last few days - plus when I got on the scales on day 13, I'd put on 4lb of the 9 that I'd lost before. 
Still, I ordered another 28 days worth of Tea and that arrived ov…

Working with BCRT

I don't make it a secret that I'm passionate about building awareness and raising funds for Bone Cancer Research Trust after I lost my younger sister, Caroline, who was 12 when she lost her battle with Bone Cancer, Osteosarcoma - one of the rarest forms of cancer a child can get.
With this month being Childhood Cancer Awareness Month and while we have Bone Cancer Awareness week 13-19th October, it seems a good time to announce a little project myself and a close friend Luke, who also lost his Brother Thomas to the same form of cancer, have been working on....
Luke and I met up earlier in the year and both said we wanted to do something and through around a few ideas but we never settled on anything concrete... until however we came up with a plan that would span over the whole of 2015 and take 12 months to complete rather than doing a one day event or something that would be over and done with quickly such as a marathon or a bike ride.
Over the space of 2015, me and Luke wil…

#FoodFriday: What I ate today

Actually... it's what I ate last Saturday but the good things about weekends is that you can have more time to prepare food and possibly have a little trip out for something to eat so it makes a blog much more exciting! 

Breakfast:  Oats o Simple porridge (cinnamon flavour) with a handful of strawberries YouTea's Tiny Tea as part of my Tiny TeaTox 

Lunch We had a lateish lunch at Henry Tudour House in Shrewsbury and had a lovely pulled pork sandwich with sliced apple on a brioche bun and it was lovely! The chips were ok but I wasn't overly fussed about them - I guess having little flavour means they were quite healthy... I said guessing ;) 

Tea (kinda) As we had a late lunch at about 2pm, I wasn't super hungry when it came to tea time so had a bit of a cheat meal and just had some fruitloaf bread with a plate of fruit and a Shape's new Rhubarb Crumble yoghurt (which is luuuush and tastes so much like rhubarb and crumble)... Oh and a Your Tea!

Snacks: Can't watch the X F…

The Great Shropshire Outdoors

Just a little blog to show the people of Twitter and #ShropshireHour that they're help is appreciated muchly!
When I moved to Shrewsbury, I was convinced that I'd hate living in the Countryside and really miss the city lifestyle. But with it being summer when I moved, it didn't take long to realise that I was wrong and actually, I really liked being outdoors - any time in the sun doing stuff beats being in the gym! 
Again, I took to Twitter and asked for places to walk or places to visit while the weather was nice and the lovely people of Twitter suggested sooo many places I made a list... I'm a sucker for views and couldn't not take a photo of the things I'd seen :) 
The Quarry The second time I'd ever been to Shrewsbury and the first time I'd ever been in the town centre.. I'd brought my Mum up for the weekend to show her where I'd be living and what not and we got the bus into town to have a walk... well, a walk and a half it was. We got madly …

Meal & Drinks: OOTD & FOTD

Went out for a few drinks and a meal with some friends a couple of weeks ago and as I was having a good make up and hair day so thought I'd capture the moment... 

OOTD Leggins: Zara £19 (Love these leggins, they're really thick and an elasticated stretchy fabric. I brought a pair August last year and they've fallen apart I've worn them so much. Just HAD to replace them!)  White long sleeved blouse: Warehouse £15(Quite big and baggy and I always buy blouses a bigger size as I like tucking them into trousers or jeans etc. Nice and basic.)  Coat: Jack Wills £39 (My new Jack Wills coat... such a bargain in the sale and it's sooo comfy. And as it's not heavy, it's perfect for this neither-here-nor-there weather) Bag: Michael Kors $200 (Brought this bag from Macys in New York last year. It's brilliant as there's 3 zip sections so I have one for make up, one for money and one for phone/camera etc).

FOTD Foundation: Match Perfection in shade Ivory Concealer: Mac …

Your Tea: Tiny TEATox

A lovely friend of mine recently Instagrammed a photo of her drinking some fancy looking tea in an even fancier looking mug (the reason I love Jen!) and the caption stated that it was a new healthy tea that beats bloating and kick stars weight loss... "I must have this" were the first words in my mine. I don't even drink tea but I knew I wanted to try it and I knew it must be good if Jen was Instagramming it. I went on the website and was surprised at how affordable it was compared to other companies and other fancy teas. It was £20 for 14 days or £31 for 28 days. I ordered the 14 day Tiny Tea - I was also surprised how many other types of teas were available... ones to beat cellulite, to help period pains, pregnancy, Man Tea (love it!) and loads more. 
I kept seeing photos of peoples before and after shots and was amazed and in all honesty, thought they may have been photoshopped and were a bit of a con. I was happy to give it ago and hoped I'd be proven wrong... o…

August Highlights!

I always see a “monthly favourites” about beauty products and I know I’ve done them before but I wanted to do something a bit different so I looked over all my photos from the last month (I take aloooot of photos) and decided to do a “monthly highlights” post instead…. Not that I’ve really done anything that interesting or that anyone cares ;) (apologies for the crappy photo quality.. had an argument with A Beautiful Mess app). 

The first weekend of August (the photos are a bit back to front… doh) was one of my girlies weddings down near Oxford and it was the most spectacular evening with my old work crowd who I’ve missed.. was a great way to see everyone, catch up and have a boogy, and Lucy looked BEAUT! The Sunday afternoon I spent trying not to pass out while climbing up the Wrekin in Telford but I made it so that was a big achievement for me!
A week later I spent the weekend in Blackpool with my Dad’s family and took my 4 year old brother and sister to Blackpool Pleasure beach, the…