August Highlights!

I always see a “monthly favourites” about beauty products and I know I’ve done them before but I wanted to do something a bit different so I looked over all my photos from the last month (I take aloooot of photos) and decided to do a “monthly highlights” post instead…. Not that I’ve really done anything that interesting or that anyone cares ;) (apologies for the crappy photo quality.. had an argument with A Beautiful Mess app). 

The first weekend of August (the photos are a bit back to front… doh) was one of my girlies weddings down near Oxford and it was the most spectacular evening with my old work crowd who I’ve missed.. was a great way to see everyone, catch up and have a boogy, and Lucy looked BEAUT! The Sunday afternoon I spent trying not to pass out while climbing up the Wrekin in Telford but I made it so that was a big achievement for me!

A week later I spent the weekend in Blackpool with my Dad’s family and took my 4 year old brother and sister to Blackpool Pleasure beach, the first time they’ve ever been to a theme park! Had a great weekend with the family and it was great to just go for a walk and lunch with everyone on the Sunday. My Dad, Step Mum and the kids then came up for a weekend on Bank Holiday which was super exciting with it being Bank Holiday. There was so much to do with the twins at the pub where we live… my particular favourite photo is of my little brother in a Fireman’s Helment when Shropshire Fire and Rescue came for a visit for the kids.

Not going to lie, I have of course done a bit of cheeky shopping throughout the month and have FINALLY got my mitts on Anna Saccone (@annasaccone)’s Jack Wills dress that she recently vlogged about. It took 11 phone calls and an 80 mile round trip but OMG, I love it so much – I just wish the weather was nice so I had more reasons to wear it as you can’t really get away with wearing it with tights. While I was in Jack Wills, I naughtily had a sneak peak in the last of sale items and found a lovely Farmers style coat with tweed elbows – it’s not thick enough for winter but now the weathers turning it’s perfect and the green is surprisingly going with everything I’ve worn it with… plus it was only £34 down from over £100!

Me and Mum then had a shopping day in Chester when she came up this weekend which was brilliant, I’ve not seen her in over a month so it was so nice to spend 4 days with her. We just mosied around the shops and had a few cocktails so wasn’t too hectic – although the excitement of finding a Central Perk Café which was kitted out like the one in Friends nearly killed me off… I could actually live there. The only thing I really brought was a new hat for winter. It’s knitted with cream fur around the headband bit. Was mega money to spend on a hat (£18) but I really liked it and as it’s M&S, hopefully it’ll last all winter.

Finally… the most exciting part of the month… a day of girly time and shopping with Mum on Friday, lead to me adopting our new baby.. Paddy! He’s a guinea pig and for anyone who knows me, I haven’t not had a guinea pig for over 10 years until I moved house a few months ago. He’s a bit older and I adopted him rather than brought him as his brother had just died and he looked that sad I couldn’t let him go. He’s only been with us for a few days but he’s already starting to pick up and eat/squeak more so that tipped off a brilliant month quite nicely!   


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