Day 14 of the 14 day Your Tea Teatox!

After 14 days,  I've come to the end of my 14 day teatox with Your Tea's Tiny Tea! And it's safe to say it's made a HUGE impact. 

I did a blog last week about my first week and how it was going and it's just pure gold. The first week, the difference was unbelievable. On day 10, I got on the scales and had lost 9 and a half pounds in weight and got my jeans on for the first time in months.. I had to get off the scales and get back on them to make sure they weren't broken! 

 (Day 1 and Day 10)

By about day 11, I'm not going to lie I was slacking slightly and as I had a manic few days, I was only having 1, maybe 2 a day and the salads had started to go out the window. Whether it was psychological or not, I felt that I was becoming more bloated again and just not as thin as I had done the last few days - plus when I got on the scales on day 13, I'd put on 4lb of the 9 that I'd lost before. 

Still, I ordered another 28 days worth of Tea and that arrived over the weekend so I'm going to carry on as it genuinely has made such a difference to my body and therefore life that I can't let it go!

I'm definitely going to get back on track for another month and hopefully then after I stop (if I do), I won't revert back to how I was before. I'd also like to see more of a difference in energy and helping me sleep like a lot of other people have as this never did pick up with me. I actually feel more tired and less motivated to go to the gym as I'm sure it's keeping me up at night if I have one before bed and therefore I'm more tired in the morning and through the day. Hoping that will change though :) 

 My only other quibble is that, and I've seen on a few other blogs that this has happened to other chicas, it can mess with your period even if you're on the pill. Now I know this is a bit TMI for a blog but I've seen other girls say that it has given them a "one day period" and it's annoyingly been the same for me a couple of times. Just something to watch our for if you're thinking of trying it! 

Other than those 2 or 3 little things, I love the tea, I would go as far as saying that it's a life changer without a doubt and I'm still just as excited as I was to see what the next few weeks look like and to see what other changes are made! 


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