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First ever Youtube video: "Get to know me" weekly vlog!

Picked a boring week to do my first ever weekly vlog type thing as didn't do too much but gives me good practice and a chance to get my head around iMovie!  A lot of make up, guinea pig action, food and gym... oh and a rather large Boots haul!  Please gimmie a thumbs up and subscribe to look out for more videos in the future which I promise will be more interesting :)  Youtube Channel: Video:

Running my own business!

A couple of friends and a couple of the lovely gals I went to school with have got me thinking over the last few weeks.. they've set up and are running their own little business (I say little... they're definitely thinking BIG) and it's really inspired me!  Those who've known me a while may remember that 3 years ago myself and one of my bestie's Hannah, set up a little company called Bows and Hearts. After a few months I started going it alone - I made and sold jewellery, personalised phone cases, purses, sunnies and clothes, gifts and a few other bits and bobs! I did it for about 2 years and even did parties at people's houses and had stalls at markets which I loved. But late last year, I was so busy with work, and spending more money than I was making, I stopped and it came to a bit of an end and all remaining stock got sold at a car boot.    Lately I've decided I actually really miss something to focus on (apart from blogging obvs) and it g

Halloween Nail Ideas

This year I've found looooads of inspiration for halloween make up and outfits but not for nails... maybe it's just me! But I had a play with a new 15 polish Elf set I picked up from TKMaxx last week and came up with the following! Not much I know but was clearly bored and too excited at having 15 new nail polishes ;) Pleeeeease Tweet me your Halloween Nail idea blogs! xx  

What's in my Bag & Emergency make up kit!

I looove reading/watching other people "What's in my bag" videos so thought I'd do one of my own after having a bag clear out due to buying my new baby... Carvella by Kurt Geirger indeed!  I don't have much in my bag and I like to keep it cleared out (I say that, I've just thrown away 6 tomato ketchup sachets and had 9 lipglosses in the bottom.. so maybe not) and normally just keep the essentials!  Obviously purse, phone and iPod are a no brainer but I also keep a notebook in my bag incase I get any blog ideas or ideas for our 3000 mile challenge next year (check out for more info) so it comes in quite handy! Of course at the mo I'm trying to be healthy and I'm still doing my Your Tea Tiny Tea Teatox so got some teabags for when I'm at work or out an about, along with a bottle of water.  I go through phases where I end up with 893647654 different perfumes in the bottom of my bag however a


I've had a play and a change around with my blog as I'm trying (trying being the key word) to add tabs along the top so I can have a page for all of the beauty posts, fashion posts, food posts and lifestyle posts! I'm failing epically so if anyone can help me and do it for me I'd love you ;) Plus, I've FINALLY got my head around #Bloglovin after months of attempting to even log on! Please please give me a little cheeky follow.. may even come up with a give away ;) CLICK HERE TO SHOW ME SOME LUURVVEEE!

Getting ready for a night out, Part 2: #HOTD #FOTD and the tan!

Following on from the prepwork I made the night before, this is the second part to the "getting ready for a night out" blog.So, I'm shaved, exfoliated, washed hair and relaxed! Now it's time for the hard work to really begin ;)   I'm not going to lie, when I moved house a few months ago and had a massive clear out, I threw away 20+ fake tans (shameful.. I know)! But St Moriz is one that will stay with me no matter what other brands claim they're "the best". It's cheap and cheerful but my god, it gives the best, most natural tan I've ever had using a fake tan. I love St Tropez spray tans for special occasions but when it's a normal night out, I do a couple of layers of the St Moriz tanning lotion in dark and use the mist to cover any patches that are uneven or that I've missed and BOOM, ready to rock the little dress or shorts!   FOTD :  Firstly - how freaking super excited am I at getting my mitts on a Zoella Beauty c

Birthday Wishlist!

So it's that time of the year and family are asking me what I want for my birthday in November and normally I don't have the foggiest and I'm not fussed but this year I've had my eye on a few things so I thought I'd pull together a #birthdaywishlist blog... New Look Chelsea Boots in tan and/or black - size 7 Yankee Candle - Fireside Treat A casserole dish... Not fussed on colour but after my bestie made me dinner the other night using one, I've been looking all over for a large ceramic one. Bones Season 1-9 DVD Boxset Nike Tight Fit Running Leggins Your Tea's Anti C Tea ( Cosmetic Bag from Instax Mini 8 Polaroid camera (white) Plenty of things to pick from there for you ;) EDIT  OMG TOTES FORGOT; Bottle of Gucci Guilty should be on the list 😘

Getting Ready for a night out, part 1: Pamper session

Ever been so tired and just had a couple of "those" weeks where you don't even know what to do or think? It's been like that for me this week and I was so super tired last night, I had to ditch the idea of driving back to Nottingham after work and after picking up Zoe's new Bath Soak from her new Zoella beauty line, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to take a chill out hour and have a bath and start preparing for tonight's mayhem! It's the first proper night out I'm going on since January so this calls for all the stops!  I've literally not had a bath in years.. I don't have the patience and I'm definitely a shower person but I've had a bath bomb sitting in the bathroom that long it probably didn't relax me as much as it should.  But actually, I quite enjoyed laying in the bath, the bath bomb from Lush giving the most gorgeous smell - nothing a couple of eps of Big Bang Theory and a cider can't help too. 

Winter Weekends

Now the nights are drawing in and it's getting a little chilly (I say that, it's like 18 degrees or something as I write this... typical), it's the time of year where I get bored at a weekend and look for things to do. Thought I'd share a few weekend inspiration tips and ideas Gym As my mates and anyone who follows me on Twitter knows, I'm a gym bunny and already go to the gym both Saturday and Sunday practically every weekend unless I'm away (very rare!) so this is something that I'll carry on during the colder months and may even spend more time in there. Bake/cook There's literally nothing better than the smell of home made cakes.. apart from licking the spoon. So why not spend a Sunday afternoon cooking up some cup cakes or a victoria sponge? With it being the weekend, it means you've got longer to spend making dinner so take the time to enjoy making what you eat and push the boat out a little bit more. Instead of whipping up a q